Thursday, December 28, 2017

Stay Curious

I believe the mile-markers of our ‘journeys in life’ can come in all different forms. 

Apparently in my case, sometimes, it's: hair.

There’s an article I stumbled upon this past weekend — a breadcrumb perhaps — that looks into the psychology of hair (cutting it, growing it). And with a post I did in 2009, apparently I had a premonition: “Our Lids.”

But, however you slice it, here's my breakdown:



This year represented a new start for me.

After having successfully freelanced for several years, I was brought on full-time by one of my clients. I also had navigated through a personal matter. And had also been living here in the DC area for 7 yrs when I bought my first house. 

That last one turned me into a DIY nut. And I LOVE it! 

But as I got settled in to the, then, new house — and during the first DIY of mine: gutting/redoing my bathroom — I simply forgot to schedule a haircut. My pixie cut began to grow over my ears. 

And I thought...

Hmmmm, I wonder what long hair would look like? 

That was my initial thought. And so it began...



December 28, 2017, on this eve of a new journey as I look back...

I believe, unconsciously I have been making changes to more than just my house. And perhaps I wanted a visible sign of that. 
Maybe for myself as well as for others. Maybe something to declare to others, “no use going back to yesterday, I was a different person then”  (I have that message inside my medicine cabinet to see each morning).

Of course we each are changing, every day. 

But I do recall that first day when my new, longer hair was first noticed by an old friend I hadn't seen in a while. That was cool. 

The visible change was seen them, and it was felt by me.


MANY DIY projects later and I still kept my hair growing. Truth be told, about 6 inches ago, I had satiated my curiosity about what long hair was like.

Then I got to thinking. I had grown it out purely out of curiosity, what did long hair feel like? But to do all this growing then just chop it off an throw it away, just seemed wasteful. 

So I looked up where to donate the long cut hair — specifically places that would use that hair to make wigs for folks in need, but then donate at no cost — and I settled on Pantene Beautiful lengths

And in less than 24 hours from now....

5 years of growing, learning, stumbling, achieving, and even dropping 25 lbs in the process... will manifest in cutting off & donating 10"+ of this 18" long hair. 
I'm ready.

What can I say? 
I was curious.

That's always how it begins...

Back in 2000 when I lived in the south of France for a year, I had dropped my life in the U.S. to move to France. And perhaps that big of a move in my life inspired me to buzz my hair. 

I was amazing. I LOVED it. 

My December buzz-cut in January 2000; Angelina (Paris)

Longest cut I've ever had; today in 2017 (Washington DC area)

And now this ‘growing out’ has also been a cool journey of curiosity.

Calling for patience and perseverance. Two key qualities in the way I try to live.

It has also allowed me to see natural qualities and tendencies really come to life, which couldn't have come out in my shorter cuts from years past. 

Some qualities which were surprising to me. 

For example, for the first time in my life, I literally can see my own hair (without a mirror). I've never colored it, so I can see really pretty natural flecks of auburn in the sunlight with my own eyes. I can also see grays peeking in. I'm proud of those. I love the life I've lived, and that I'm living. And gray is part of that. Or will be if you don't have them yet. Haha. And I also had NO idea that my hair was wavy. Cool. Though, cowlicks, unfortunately, do not seem to be weighted down by longer hair. AT ALL. Ha! 

Sometimes we don't really know what we actually have, naturally — because we're so busy shaping, forming, or forcing ourselves into a mold of ourselves and what we want to be. But what if another way, or look, or length works better? Or is actually more natural? Feels better. Stay curious. Try it out. Life is short. Don't get too ‘stuck.’

It's just hair.

Maybe the new style (long OR short) reflects a mile-marker or new chapter in your own life. 
I know mine does. But 
I'm done. This chapter is complete. I'm ready. #NewSlate

There are literally no more rooms in my house that I haven't DIY-ed. I'm blessed to have had a wonderful year of freelance work and awesome clients in 2017. SO grateful. I have also completed a journey of getting back to good health. And frankly, with the events in our country this past year? Lord, I'm happy to chop off the locks, share them, and start fresh.

I hope the pony tail that gets cut tomorrow goes to a really special person. 

I hope they feel amazing. I hope they, you, and I will always remember to stay curious. To follow the nudges we get in life. To do the weird impossible thing, if it's calling to you. 

Does the person getting this donation have 5 years, 5 months, or 5 days to live? I hope this makes that time little brighter. We should all live like we were dying. 

What are you curious about? Well stop reading this post and go do it. 

One of my clients in this amazing past year of freelancing said, "be the light." 

Another says, "be fearless." 

Yes, and yes.

Here's to amazing journeys, mile-markers, and breadcrumbs in the coming new year.

Stay curious, y'all.

This image reminds me — do I have a flower sketch from you?

I'm still collecting.

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