Thursday, April 20, 2017

The third Thursday in April

Today is the

Whether you will honor Prince on 4/21 or today, like me — I wish you peace.
And to Prince? I’m #SoGrateful


Why the third Thursday in April?

As a graphic designer in the DC area, I am off on Wednesdays. So, for me, it was the DAY of the week that stood out more than the DATE (4/21).

Thursday, 1:07pm (ET), I got the call from my younger sister about Prince. The news. And in the days after that third Thursday in April, 2016 — I needed his words. No news. No coverage. JUST HIS WORDS. And all of them. But they didn't exist all together in one place.

So I began gathering them up. Just for me. To listen, read, and edit. And I jammed my way through decades of every single Prince song since his first, “For You,” in 1978. The file is ‘319’ pages (if you’re a Prince fan, you’ll understand).

Anyway, it was THE most cathartic journey.

Then, later, as I was seeing other fans online feeling the same way that I did about his loss — I realized this three-week long lyrical project I’d completed just for me HAD TO BE SHARED.

So was created and I uploaded my file for folks to share, read, enjoy, and take in. As I did. A sort of textbook, if you will, from our Purple professor.

The very next day I received an email thank you from Melbourne, Australia! WOW. Could not believe it. This project was really just my own small way of processing the loss and honoring a long-time, tremendous, creative inspiration of mine. So, I was really touched that someone, so quickly, reached out to say it helped her, too.

So whether you honor Prince on 4/21 or, as I do, on the

I wish you peace. I wish U heaven. Now Dance on!

And to Prince? I’m SO, so, #SoGrateful 💜😥

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Prince’s words. ALL of them.

“Every just so often, the words of another
...seem to work out just fine.”
— Prince

Prince Schooling

( 2004, Webster Hall. Prince & a guitar. Aired together on VH1/MTV/BET )

He kills it. He jams with the audience. And he SCHOOLS the audience.
He's SO so so good! “But all good things they say... never last.” 


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