Saturday, November 12, 2016


I don't know how hashtags get going, but I hope you can help me share this. 

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This morning I found myself upset having learned that someone from my church in here in Silver Spring, MD had been impacted by racist slurs — as a result of post-election bullying. Be aware, I'm not naive to think racism happened overnight on Tuesday. But this flavor and openness of it IS connected directly to the election season and outcome. And our President-Elect MUST reject and condone that behavior. 
On my trail-walk today on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, I found myself walking up to greet a woman taking photos of these beautiful autumn leaves. We smiled. She is Iranian. I'm from Atlanta. We talked. Shared how cathartic the steadiness and rhythm of nature has been for each of us during this tough week of transition for the citizens of this beautiful country. She showed me some of her pics (I'll post here when she sends them). We both agreed — we DO believe we'll make it through. Somehow. Not even because of 'which' candidate won, or didn't win. But because it's inherent in the American spirit. Racism, etc. has been part of our nation's history. Let's leave it there. It has NO place in our spirit... if we truly are committed to CONTINUING TO BE a great America.

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So if you find you're in the midst of an injustice. Or witnessing one. Next door, out in the community... or in the White House in the coming months. Try to SAY something or DO something to stop it right then and there. But if you can't, then for each time you learn of one, or witness an IN-justice... go out and DO a JUSTICE or a KINDNESS for someone else. 

Then tag and share BOTH.

Maybe it can be even just a small step in neutralizing the hurtful hate and get us on a path to better future. Hatefulness does not represent us. And it WILL NOT represent us.
What's your #ThisForThat?
Can you help me share this? #ThisForThat


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