Sunday, November 13, 2016

The holy or the broken

Singing forces you to breathe. To speak melodically. And to exert it from a force inside of you.

Today I looked up the lyrics and just belted this song out.

This stunning and simple song — after his loss and the loss, last week, of my chosen candidate — was cathartic. And on another glorious fall afternoon, today, five days into this new path... life is shoving us along as though we are the words of a song being thrust forward.

There is a rhythm to life. Even amongst disasters in nature. But high and low tides continue even after a tsunami. Fall will soon give way to snow. And we are just adjusting to a transition.

Some this past week have felt holy. Some, broken. But soon we must get up. And stand up. Beyond just words, for our rights. For this country that we all love, democrats and republicans and everyone else.

My heart is getting situated into a better place today. Hallelujah.

I went to BOTH of our church services this morning. Apparently, I needed church twice today. But it is [getting] well with my soul. Hallelujah.

I hope that we keep our eyes wide open to welcome the good things ahead, and to hold to account any wrongs. We must. See the holy and the broken. Nurture. Love. Oppose. Welcome. Listen. Love eachother. And stay awake. WIDE awake. Hallelujah.

Our words matter. And there is an impact to what we say. But it is our actions that will speak much louder. And there’s an impact to that — to what we do. Let’s do something. We must. Hallelujah?

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