Friday, November 11, 2016

Holding on

Holding on. Holding together. 

“With his election, it’s easy to trace a line between Trump’s win and Trump supporters being more emboldened to act out on these campaign cornerstones.” And it is NOT okay.

Be it in peaceful protest. Writing your representative. Painting, singing, writing. We have to rise to the occasion — we are obliged to as American citizens — to protect one another, our liberties, our freedoms, and our right to not be full of fear in our own home country. Especially from a government which is [supposed to be] by the people and 
for the people. In a week where ‘the people’s choice’ for President isn’t actually going to be our President.

God... please bless America. I love this land, guide and stand beside us. It's our home sweet home.

But right now, it’s broken. We’re broken. Help.

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