Friday, November 11, 2016

11.11 Flower count: Bless my homeland forever


I've been doing an “Annual Flower Count” on 11/11 of flower sketches I've received over the years. And today’s flower going is 206. With a request out to President Obama a week or so before the election.

I believe his audacity of hope, and my love of flowers have something in common. A perseverance and inherent belief in “tomorrow.” No gardener could plant a flower seed without the expectation that with encouragement, nourishment and putting it the right setting that it will, in time bloom.

I love this Mexican proverb:
They thought they had buried us, 
They did not know we were seeds. 

And THAT is precisely what is coursing through my blood right now. Hope. A willingness to persevere. A NEED to. And a determination to live — intentionally. This past week has stirred something in EVERY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY. No matter who you pulled for you have a feeling. A sentiment. You have been awakened in one way or another. This is not a complacent week in our country. Eyes are open. And that part is a good thing.

But the thing to remember is this. This country is ALL of our homes. Our 'garden' if you will. Be it oak trees or palm trees,  roses or tulips. There is room for all of us. To be better. Yes... we can.

The way America — our garden — will STAY and continue to BE great... is if we UNITE. And stay stronger together. America is not an ‘either–or.’ All or nothing. We are, still, striving to be a more perfect union.

But if the rose punches the tulip. Or if the tulip spits on the rose. Or the palm tree tags the oak. Then we are stagnant. Or killing our country. And we then move nowhere.

Nature progresses forward. So must we.

It is how life is meant to be lived. In motion. And forward.

We don't — I don't— want a garden full of only roses. Or a country of only cacti. There IS room for all of us and we're a more beautiful garden — and country if we continue to grow that way.

Have you sent me your flower sketch? I'm still collecting.
And you are welcomed in my garden.
May we all continue to bloom and grow.

Bless my homeland forever.

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