Thursday, May 19, 2016

Prince & the Evolution: Prelude to the release

Prelude to the release

Not a woman. Not a man. 
Something that you'll never 
understand... will die 4 U.
(P 6:7)

A mystery. An inspiration. An immense, complex, varied, constantly-evolving and changing talent. 

The Artist. 


That is certainly reflected in the work he left behind. Covering over four decades. With, presumably still more to come. And in each of those decades, his work reflecting the issues from personal, national, to global. From Reagan & Russia ('81) to Gray & Baltimore ('15).

What I've seen in fan groups since the news — the particular one I'm in has been a God-send — is that they reaffirm his reach and intense personal connection through their (our) individual “Prince” profile pics and cover photos. Like a little global digital Purple Army. There was no one era, photo, song or way to neatly wrap up Prince. He was the flamboyant, dramatic version, perhaps, of each of us.

And in the individual-ness of what each person resonates with about him, one person's photo is Prince from the '70s Dirty Mind era, and another is a CGI inspiration of techno-clouds from 2015's Art Official Age.

Some people have gravitated to tributes by other artists.

I needed his words. 

Maybe he is his something we'll never understand. 

But over this process of grieving — today marks four weeks, since that THIRD THURSDAY IN APRIL — this kindness, humor, and purple passion among his fans has really created an unprecedented online space. And I mean no disrespect to the souls taken on 9/11 but it reminds me of the kindness we all experienced, in this country... on 9/12.

In these Prince online fan group conversations you often can't tell eachothers' race, religion, political affiliation (thankfully), economic status, background, location, history, personality, or even gender (aside, sometimes, from names). 

Proving... that we can all get along (P 30:8)

As it should be.

So, in that light, given each of our personal connections to Prince, I've completely kept ‘me’ out of this. So it's bare bones. Just about his words. Plus a button for folks to donate to a cause dear to Prince: music education. There's a link on each page to #HonorPRN 

I found his words reassuring, or new, or inspiring and informative. Now, my hope is that he not only live on through his vast collection of music, but may these words of his — clarified here — also shed a light on the depth of his thinking as well. 

A “fan,” in my thinking, could mean someone who knows his whole collection, or just one or two songs. Or maybe you are new to Prince, completely. Regardless, simply “respecting The Artist” equals “fan” to me.

If you are a deep fan like me, you already know all his work as songs to groove to. Era by era. But, as expected, reading his words while listening to this immense breadth of work... just made me love and miss him even more. I still can't believe it

If you are a breathing human being in this country, I bet you have heard of Purple Rain.

And maybe the 1-2 sexy songs/words the media like to focus on (hey, those are a part of his collection). Just like the backless yellow pants he wore on Arsenio were... a part of Prince’s wardrobe.

But perhaps you may not know...
that the song on the other side, the B-side, of 'Purple Rain' is: 'God'

Take a look to see what else may be new to you.

I hope today's file let's you see the Prince beyond the Purple Rain.



P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”

(Around the World in a Day)

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