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The Morning Papers: 99

Since the very early 80s I have been fascinated by Prince. And I vaguely recall hearing songs of his on the radio even earlier than that.

Now in 2016, after collecting each new release of his over the years, wearing off the type on cassettes, to now downloading from the artist online (the same artist, who, of course, brought us Computer Blue in 1984... well before most families even had a computer in their homes) — I now have all 39 albums, and more.

From the very beginning, I knew Prince was a legend-in-the-works, who we were getting to see in real time. And as friends know, I've not been shy in saying so, either.

An artist evolving, before us? Such a rare gift to experience.

So today, the day after news broke of his death yesterday just before 2pm (ET), I was grateful to see the global reach and remembrances in the morning papers.

Tributes about my favorite artist came in from Florida to Finland, from Seattle to Barcelona, and NY to LA, and NASA to the Netherlands. These were things I already agree with, but it was really nice to see him get his due recognition. Though, as is the case with most brilliant misunderstood artists, sadly, not till after he passed.

Love you, Prince. Grateful.

Perhaps I'll simmer down soon with the Prince posting-overload. But this is really big. To me. Even though I sort of still feel like I haven't absorbed the news. Prince was the soundtrack of a lot of my life, and that gets woven into the fabric of your life story. Beautifully ingrained. And was likely playing in the background through MANY late nights of me creating, painting, working, or writing. Perhaps for things that you now have in your possession from me.

I also really, really adore that as I was dictating these headlines from the Newseum’s front pages site onto my phone's notes... my phone kept typing “friends” in place of “Prince.” ...same.)

In Prince’s own words from the [ LOVE SYMBOL ] album: Should we ask the man who wrote it there in the morning papers? My fave below is 55. And 3. And 13. And 90...

These are 99 (of course), of many, that I loved.

Around the country, and around the world, this is what they wrote in this morning’s papers about him. R.I.P.

UPDATE 4/26/16 (1pmET): Given I've been pinning [a ton] since adding these covers below to my Pinterest board, 'the Prince stuff' you may need to scroll down a bit in the board to see them. 
  1. The doves cry Revolutionary artist making the artificial lines people draw on the sand between musical genres seem more meaningless than ever
  2. His purple reign Hugely inventive, influential musician
  3. Everything popstar defied categorization Showed the way toward a transcendent new future for music; from beginning to end The Artist was always surprising us. Demonstrating an audacious idiosyncratic sense of style a true genius
  4. Inventive superstar
  5. Music icon A dazzling talented and charismatic singer, songwriter, arranger, and instrumentalist. Created a gender- and genre- defying blend of rock, funk, and soul.
  6. Purple Reign Legend rewrote the rulebook and not just in music.
  7. Virtuostic pop pioneer defied type and boundaries
  8. (SF) Outpouring of grief for radical talent Utterly heartbroken respect to the single greatest performer of all time. Prince didn't like to play by the rules, remained in enigma to the end. It made him one of the most prolific and influential figures for generations of musicians
  9. Revolutionary Icon Took music to a higher level with his creative virtuosity and restless quest to be the best
  10. Prince's talent sent music into new directions in the 1980s and beyond 
  11. (CA Daily Press) He was a whirling dervish of talent A one-man studio band who created varied anthems of sexuality and diversity that invited all of us to party well past 1999. Prince was: The Artist.
  12. Music Legend Shattered boundaries on way to superstardom... 
  13. (Denver Post) Nothing compares A musical chameleon and flamboyant show man who never stop evolving. Prince was one of the worlds most enigmatic superstars. He celebrated unabashed hedonism, sang about broken hearts and spiritual longings, and had a mysterious personal identity the defied easy definition.
  14. Musician rewrote rulebook
  15. A revolutionary artist unparalleled technique and taste set Prince apart from all 
  16. Musical Icon defied labels
  17. Sudden passing of charismatic pop superstar stuns world
  18. The world loses a musical original.
  19. The Artist has died The world is mourning the loss of rock superstar. Friend is one of the most inventive and influential musicians of modern times.
  20. (Tampa Bay times) Symbol of a generation Seemingly immortal, the pioneering pop music superstar leaves stunned fans who just can't believe he's gone. "The way I see it is will spend the rest of our lives catching up to his musical genius" BK Jackson saxophonist who toured with friends since 2013.
  21. Iconic musician defied every expectation
  22. Music innovator icon
  23. Innovative prolific artist was one of a kind force in music
  24. World reacts mourns death music I con prince
  25. Pop music legend forged own path Experimented with sounds and sights built music business after record company split
  26. Friend hugely inventive influential Charismatic musician who defied genres
  27. Music icon The talented and charismatic Singer drew upon the history of modern pop music and created a gender and genre are defined blend of rock funk and soul
  28. Dearly beloved, The music world mourns pops iconic innovative Prince
  29. Music legend
  30. Prince's Life transcended his indelible music
  31. A prince passes: his music was an invitation to party
  32. (KY Enquirer) An original... He was a prodigy provocateur and game changer in popular music
  33. Death of a Prince ...legendary musician
  34. Shreveport times Prince... A music icon has left us legend found Minnesota studio
  35. Purple reigned
  36. New Orleans Advocate Musician had history with essence festival... Prince Rogers Nelson hailed from and was closely identified with Minneapolis at the opposite end of the Mississippi River from New Orleans yet his music deeply funky and inherently sexy resonated in the crescent city
  37. His trailblazing musical talent
  38. Music icon
  39. He rewrote the rulebook Tributes grief after prince found dad fans await news about what caused the death
  40. The end of the purple reign
  41. Towering figure in pop music 
  42. Singular talent superstar
  43. (Sun Chronicle Mass.) Doves cry worldwide "an appreciation"
  44. In remembrance.  Nobody's spirit was more creative
  45. Prince's purple reign over to soon Funky royalty left unforgettable mark on music
  46. (St Cloud times) Local fans mourning Prince
  47. (Twin Cities) His music is going to live on
  48. Minneapolis purple majesty Worldwide grief over sudden death of musical genius. This creative giant couldn't be contained
  49. Prodigy and provocateur
  50. (LINCOLN STAR) The world lost a creative icon “A strong spirit transcends rules” Prince once said. And nobody spirit was stronger Boulder or more creative - POTUS
  51. (Omaha) Purple Reign A look at the life and the art of the incomparable Prince. What he meant to musicians and fans 
  52. Prince remembered
  53. A day when doves cried Prince was considered one of the most inventive musicians of his generation
  54. The influential pop genius
  55. (Santa Fe) One of the most gifted musicians of our time Genre-bending superstar who was an assertively original singer, songwriter, performer, and a whole lot more
  56. Remembering Prince A true musical icon
  57. (Asheville citizens times) Lost legend Dearly beloved musical mastermind Prince dies at 57.
  58. Lasting legacy Prince's music sent an irresistible invitation to the party
  59. There will never be another prince
  60. Music world loses master showman
  61. Remembering Prince Pop's purple legend
  62. Remembering an artist, icon, and legend
  63. A legend lost
  64. The doves cry Prince's legacy
  65. Musical social trailblazer, pop icon
  66. A peer-less reign Prince a master in many genres
  67. Seeing him was beyond magic
  68. Influential musician
  69. (Argus Leader (pic) Artist who defies definition dies age 57
  70. Prince was an original who influenced so many and his legacy will live on forever
  71. Image Tennessean He was a brilliant songwriter a mesmerizing guitarist and he commanded the stage like no one else naturally prints made an impact on Nashville and it's messy prize of the icon has his share of connections to the music city
  72. End of an era music industry mourn the death of prints a once in a generation artist
  73. Obama says — Few artists were able to touch so many people
  74. Music icon
  75. Good night, sweet Prince
  76. Princess purple reign unrivaled in his time
  77. (Virginian pilot) Prince he was a Mystery a pop music superstar he created his own mythology through every reinvention he was always himself. A master manipulator often in an ingenious way. Since the start of his career in the late 1970s Pop legend confounded expectations and annihilated boundaries set for black artists he did this essentially as a one-man band with the style that was a brilliant synthesis of the spirit stars chiefly Sammy Davis Junior James Brown and Jimi Hendrix print same blossomed into a singular artist he also was the embodiment of a famous line from canary are rated love poem about another pop genius Billie holiday if you can't be free be a mystery. Just when you thought you had him pegged heedful you again and sometimes himself. This was true until his sudden end.
  78. Pop music loses its Monarch The multi talented artist transcended and remade funk rock and R&B in his own iconic style
  79. Rock innovator What Prince meant to the world he treated pop like it was destiny. Multi talented artist who did things his way
  80. Prince dies at 57.
  81. (PIC WYOMING EAGLE) Few artists have influenced the sound and trajectory of popular music more distinctly or touch quite so many people with their talent. POTUS
  82. (NASA) A purple nebula, in honor of Prince, who passed away today
  83. Death of an icon
  84. An unforgettable reign He was a mad musical genius with a seemingly inexhaustible need to create and reinvent himself
  85. A look back on the life of a musical visionary
  86. Prince The sudden-death, lasting legacy of an icon
  87. R.I.P. You sexy MF
  88. The Mesmerizing Master of Pop Prince was both spontaneous and precise on stage
  89. And purple reign brings flood of tributes
  90. (TORONTO) It was 2 soon 4 U 2 GO It seemed that Prince would endure forever. The music taht survives him will.
  91. FRANCE — Purple Peine Icône de la musique funk, Prince est mort jeudi soir
  92. GERMANY — Germ Prince ist tot
  93. MEXICO — Mex Adios a un Símbolo
  94. (AMSTERDAM) — Weergaloos Performer (Matchless Performer)
  95. (SWEDEN) Så minns vi Prince (We remember Prince)
  96. (BARCELONA) — Adiós al artista que fue Prince (Goodbye to the artist who was Prince)
  97. (BARCELONA) — Prince, l'indomable. (Prince, impossible to subdue or defeat, invincible unbeatable
  98. (FINNISH) — Legenda kuoli yllättäen (The Legend died unexpectedly)
  99. (USA TODAY) Artist who turned music on its ear is dead at 57. It would be difficult to imagine what pop R&B would sound like had Prince never performed


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”

(Around the World in a Day)

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