Saturday, April 23, 2016

His ‘deep’ fans, and the encore effect

It's not even yet been two days since Prince was found.

But there's a paradigm shift in the works.

I've been watchful about emotions from the news. My emotions. And I think why the transition of acceptance of this news may the way it is. Smoothe. Respectful. Party atmosphere. Reflective. Communal. Smiles. And a few tears. Even the press conference yesterday was respectful, light, and "human" ...even funny at times.

I believe it's this: the encore effect.

If you've ever been to one of his concerts, or performances, or after-parties — you know.

You know at the end of the set, he leaves. And some of the non-"deep fans" depart. The casual fans. And hey, that's cool. That's what made him, Prince. If you only knew those 3 songs that are on loop right now from the 80s, that's cool. But for those of us who are in deep. We wait.

Then, he comes back, and kills it. Purple Rain, then a few others. Old school. The band plays, he sings. And a bit later, band still playing, he walks off. At this point, it's laaaate into the night. But the deep fans don't care. We're dancing, singin. We stay till the last guitar is pulled from the stage. He's like a perfume where even after the wearer leaves the room that essence is still there. That energy still fills the room.

That's Prince.

Like he's left. But he hasn't (but not in a creepy, National Enquirer sort of way).

Prince was on fire. SO much to give. But no matter if he was 'called home' at 107yrs old, I believe we would all still think: too soon.

They say you're supposed to arrive at heaven empty. Give ALL your gifts away. He surely did that.

And so it happened. Thursday morning.

He left us wanting more. And the band is still playing. Helping us transition, and grasp, this loss.

Thank you, Prince. Love you. SO grateful. Still. Always.  :(


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”
(Around the World in a Day)

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  1. Gone. Not gone.


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