Monday, April 4, 2016

Shifting Gifting

my sweet quirky mug + chai tea
Perhaps it was being away for a week in a teeny adorable village in the top of the mountains, where the very complex commute involved: big plane, smaller plane, commuter bus, ferry ride on Lake Chelan (but only Mon. Wed. Fri), an old school-bus, a sled, and some good hiking shoes (love m' Keens), and a great deal of planning. Perhaps being semi-off-the-grid, mindful of limited water, electric, internet, and strategic, efficient garbage removal/recycling to keep the wildlife and critters at bay. Perhaps having a food truck that makes one delivery per week encourages you to be less wasteful. Perhaps not having a Target, a Starbucks, a [ fill in the blank ], or CNN or whatever your daily routine is that turns us into dehumanized robots of habit. Sucking the experience of the joy of discovery out of us. Perhaps living so close to amazing, funny, helpful, thoughtful, creative, friendly people. Or just the whole, being in this stage of life when you realize you sort of have what you need. Really. Or... perhaps it was that whole "limited baggage" you could bring + live off of for a week.

Anyway, whatever it was, I did become very mindful of things. And it's all still working my noggin even now. As I still struggle to bring my body back to this eastern time zone.

And in the Seattle airport on the way back — where I was provided my first reentry to the way over-stimulated world we live in — I began to think of gifts.

And shifting gifting.

The first is ideal and preferred, but the second is acceptable, too.
A. EPHEMERA — Thank you, Peg. I adore this word.
1. Experiences (dinner or coffee together, a trip)
2. Consumable (food, drink, gift card for same)
3. Live (fresh flowers, plants, garden things)  
1. Handmade (ANYthing)
2. Under $20 (but functional, useable, or inspiring)
3. Pet stuff (anything for them)
Admittedly, I sometimes have wild ideas. I'll stick with them for a bit, then forget about them. And they fade off into the sunset. Who knows, maybe this will too. But I actually think this one might be a keeper.

Will you consider shifting gifting?

Oh and for the record the mug, which I'm in love with, in this photo covers THREE of these categories:
B1 — handmade by Danielle in the village. So modest she didn't even fess to doing the beautiful glazings of red, green, and clay-colored, till after I'd purchased it. I love that.
B2 — it was $16 in a cash-only store. Okay, maybe this helped too, because you had to make choices and couldn't just whip out the plastic. And Craig, I haven't forgotten you! You made this mug possible. And the mug was all three: functional, useable, and inspiring.
A1 — being the colors of the historic chalets, with this cuppa chai tea, it has been reminding me of what an amazing, inspiring experience, my trip to the Village was.

Also, Confession, I just got off a social posting fast and am also reading a killer book, Seven: An experimental mutiny against excess, which may have coincided with this mental shift. Author is sassy, insightful, honest, and... very human. Trying. Observing. And lives in Austin — a bonus.

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