Saturday, April 30, 2016

Prince and a Princess

Lest we forget.

September 6, 1997. 

This post is not intended to compare these two people per se, or even their death — and most definitely NOT at all to speculate cause of death — but rather *OUR* role in the commercial machine. 

It's now been just over a week since the paradigm shift of Prince's news hit us. And it's had me on this non-stop blogging outlet. Observing. Working it out.


Denial, Acceptance, Repeat

And, deep fans, if you need a musical-reminder of the time — in light of our recent loss — we would have been listening to Prince's 1996, Emancipation CD.

But as we are now seeming to be entering the National Enquirer phase of nonsensical speculation and money-grabbing, Elvis-esque, conspiracy, Iluminati, ridiculousness. Okay, seriously... just stop. Cooler heads need to prevail here. Common sense. Respect. Stay mindful. Aware. Intentional. #StayAwake. About your news sources. About who/where your buying your sentimental merch from. 

Prince sang about the over-commercialization of America.

Slave was Song 1 of Disc three on Emancipation. Money is/was the driver. 

Then in 1997, Princess Diana was, in essence, hunted and killed. 

We "say" by the paparazzi. But that's not exactly true. IMHO.

Think about the chain in this.

We have a role.

There are photographers (many legit, good ones) who take pictures for magazines, because those magazines pay for the pictures, and because we buy the magazines which have the pictures. That's cool.

But when we buy more, the value of the photos — and stories — go up. And up and up.

And the risk to get those pics and stories becomes dangerous. Invasive.

Commence: printing untruths, rumors, and taking huge risks. In princess Diana's case, that risk went to a fatal level. But the more we bought magazines and merch OF her, the more that commercial value escalated. 

By now you know, I'm a very deep fan of Prince. This whole thing still feels surreal.

I also have no earthly idea what ended that brilliant life of his.

And to be quite honest, and I mean no disrespect — I don't care.

That is the business of the family and the officials in the investigation. And in due time if they feel compelled to share info, so be it. But they are in no way obliged to.

Besides, for me now, it's ALL about his (official) interviews, funny ones, enlightened ones. It's his music and live concert clips, and his life that has my attention.

But now, is the time for us to stay mindful, awake, respectful, and careful in what we purchase — and which stories we believe in. I don't think he was "killed by paparazzi," as is presumed with Diana, but in this aftermath, just be aware of what you believe/share/buy.

Otherwise, we've really learned nothing.

I am SOOOOO pleased to see many other deep fans being fiercely protective of him, today online. Their posting/asking "where is the money going if I download this or that?" We're crediting the artists. Today folks on the closed-board I'm on on FB even said that they "couldn't even buy the tribute magazines on him [right now]." That's not what they/we want to focus on. 

So all this to say simply: as you purchase a magazine, a song, merch, etc. just be mindful of who has put it out there. Ask where the money is going? Credit the artists as best you can (online can be hard sometimes). Donate to a local music program if you can.

But don't get lulled into the sleazy commercial "made in China" machine. Or outlets who support people with bad or greedy intention.

Open your heart open your mind, y'all.


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”

(Around the World in a Day)

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