Thursday, April 28, 2016

Full circle

One week ago today — right now — we were going about our mornings, days, blissfully unaware of the news we were about to receive in a few hours.

And instantly deny.

We haven't had a good rain here in the DC area in months. It's raining now and sounds different. Somber, soothing, somehow, this time.

Prince has been (still hard to say "was") so ingrained into the soundtrack of my life, of many fans' lives, that this news felt profound. Completely unreal. Not possible. Like we'd somehow been 'punked.' Or, like the next day — in one of his many antics — he'd say, "Yo, I'm just messin w't y'all." 

Oh, if only.

And yet. Here we are. Tributes, obits, news, and fans' outpourings. Love. And respect.

His work on earth is done.

Memories evoked. Of him, and also what was going on in our lives during certain songs.

Music is like a time machine. Like smelling your mama's cooking. It takes you back.

Many of us have resurrected old pics. Of us. Of Prince. My fan-dom even appeared on my high school notebooks back in the mid-late 80s.

But there was something, a quirky thing, in looking back and in my pinning Prince, watching Prince & his evolution, that caught my attention. I recall after he first donned the afro (to many folks' mixed reviews), up through... well... 2016.

That was was the longest he's ever kept one hairstyle. I wasn't concerned, but I recall it sure did peak my attention.

And in this image I made here, it appears that he had come full circle.

When the news first came to me from my sister at 1pm one week ago. I casually, simply, and affirmitavely said, "No. Nope. No. Nope." Then I hopped on the phone with my lonnnnng-time Prince friend and fan at the point where the news was still unconfirmed. I couldn't even watch ANY live coverage. And my hands could barely type, but at 1:08pm, I frantically posted, simply:
I could not wrap my head around this.

My first post about the news, was from his own words... Does not compute.

His work on earth is done.

His lyrics, many prophetic and/or taking on new meaning now, are guiding many deep fans through this transition.

Even though we all know that death us a non-optional part of living — for ALL of us — it's in the shocking 'un-expectedness' where paradigms are shifted. Like an earthquake. Loosing ground. Or things that have 'always been there.' Or a tornado snatching a town...

Just, POOF.


In time, yes, sure we will heal. Like homes rebuilt. Trees replanted. And thank God for time. 

But now, for this moment, to deep fans, it feels like we lost a creative sage, a inspiration-leader. Like a country has fallen, like Atlantis,  into the deep blue sea. Just disappeared.

But his music is here. Still. And thank God for that.

Deep fans also know that there's still so much more of his creativity to surface. In due time. Of course. But without the life and the spirit he emanated, which created all that brilliance, genius, translation of social issues, carnal thoughts, and high spiritual longing... something feels missing.

A bit empty in the world today.

It was at 10:07am (CT) one week ago, that this paradigm shifted.

I've said before, and will feel, always:  thank you — SO much — Prince. God bless. Rest in peace. We love you.


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”
(Around the World in a Day)

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