Friday, April 22, 2016

Breakfast with Prince

Looking over the covers of the morning papers this morning, I'm reminded how talking about death is such a profound thing for us simple humans. I saw so many iterations — on these morning front covers from cities and countries around the globe — presenting this news of the sudden loss of my creative mentor, Prince. But of all the covers, I really appreciated this one from the Sun Times, in my old stomping grounds of Chicago, the most. 

No words.


I'm still grasping this news.

I understand it, but this loss feels surreal.

The loss of someone who WAS the soundtrack for me since first hearing him in the early 80s. Now gone? Hmm. 

I remember before my Grandma passed away in the early 80s, which incidentally was around the time I began following Prince. She (in FLA) would have me (in ATL) call her collect each weekend so she could catch up on what's going on, etc. I loved hearing the smile in her voice. So, that next weekend after the news of her passing, I remember... calling her number. Yes. And of course, it was not in service, so as I headed out to my softball game that Saturday, I recall thinking, "cool, now Grandma can see me all the time." As though even closer. Easier somehow.   

Y'all know I'm a huge Prince fan. Yes... “am.” The listening-retrospect is still going on... there's a LOT of good shit to listen to. And as any deep Prince fan knows, that's not even the half of it. Humbling when you consider your own creative contributions. Ya know? 

Anyway, on a long-standing bucket list of mine were two pie-in-the sky dreams: a flower sketch from Prince, and breakfast with Prince. Neither happened exactly how I'd envisioned. But last June, I did "just do it" and I asked him (via three letters) for a flower sketch. Last night was very long night, so this morning has been a bit delayed. But after closing-up at 3am last night, this morning way of the morning papers... 

I suppose I'm finally having that breakfast. 

With Prince. 

Peace, my friend. And thank you.


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”
(Around the World in a Day)

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