Thursday, February 11, 2016

Giving up

Social media has been encroaching on our lives for nearly a decade now. Woah. And while not all bad — it can be consuming. So... it’s time to turn that off. I'm 24hrs in. And all is well. Already feeling the effects. In a good way. 

While I'm not on FB, I'm hoping the HootSuite is working to share the blog posts on FB. Let me know! And I'll be back on social posting, March 27th. For now, off: FB, Insta, LinkedIn, and 
Pinterest (yes, you read that right). 

This break is to shed something that is stealing time, focus, and energy from an otherwise focused life. And if the thought of giving 'that something' up makes you twitch a little... then, YEP, that’s your sign. Give it up.

• I will be writing on this blog:
• I will be on email, and...
• I will be SO ready to head out for a bite, a walk, a get-together, or hop on the phone. Let’s go! You know... like how we did back in the vintage, early 2000s. 

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