Wednesday, January 13, 2016

What our nation is capable of?

[ Wil.I.Am video from my 2nd blog post, 11/8/2008 ]

I turned off the TV as soon as the SOTU was over before the haters could chime in. I’ll hear that today I’m sure. But I also do not want to live in a bubble. We [all] need to hear both sides. And while I know these past two terms with this president, or any president for that matter, have not been perfect — remember that we are only asked to form a more perfect union. Not “a” perfect union. 

Moving forward...

We will remember that there is something happening in America.

We will remember that we are not as divided as our politics suggest... yes we can.

We will remember that we are one people, one nation that will begin the next chapter in the American Story from sea to shining sea... with three words...

I’m so very grateful to have lived in this time (and attended both freezing-cold inaugurations) of a leader who not only pledged to move us forward, but a leader who moved… us. Who elicited hope in so many people. He began at the birth of social media. HE inspired me to start this blog, to get on FB, etc. And we are a different world now. Completely. But that day, I will never forget the feeling on the Mall. January 2009. Similar air to the day after 9/11. And sadly that sense of bonding came out of an awful tragedy. But that day after we were so TOGETHER. So KIND. So HOPEFUL. 

Grateful to have lived during this time. 

And while I do not see this same intangible feeling coming from anyone in either party in this upcoming election (just yet), I will always have hope — because of this 44th President — that regardless of who is in office, we are always on the verge of the next great chapter in America's hitsory. I have to believe that. I’m American. It’s what we do. 

And in the unlikely story that is America, there’s never been anything false about hope. 
And truly — as we move forward — please, God... BLESS America.

I haven’t yet listened to any reviews (Dem or Rep) about last night. I just wanted one more moment to soak in these past two terms. I hope the feeling we got at the beginning of these two terms is elicited by another great leader one day. 

Until then... thank you, Mr. President.

...a hope for us all. To be better. Yes. We can.

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