Monday, June 15, 2015

A thank you note to Prince: Wow. And just... Wow

"You can call it the unexpected or you can call it wow."
— WOW, from Prince & ThirdEyeGirl

Prince landed a sold out show... no TWO, sold-out shows in same nite... for his 'Hit-and-Run' tour at the Warner Theatre in DC last night. I went. A-MAZING show.

Let me break it down...

Thursday June 11
Tickets go on sale. LiveNation. Astronomical prices. I consult with my fellow long-time Prince-lover who was able to talk some sense into me. I held off. Also, I am not an impulse buyer, so I was fine to hold off. No tickets.

But over the next day or so, "seeing Prince," and here in DC....... would just... not... leave... my... mind. And when that happens, I trust stuff like that. They are nudgings. You have to listen to them in your life. Whatever how much sense they make — or do not make. So...

I had to go.

Saturday June 13
I decided to pop back onto LiveNation's site to see if any seats had opened up. Yes. Yes they had.

Here's the 24 hr purple journey:

Saturday June 13
I'm going! 6th row? Aisle seat?! 8pm tomorrow night 6/14 !?? Yup. So, if you hear any news about someone passing out at a Prince concert in DC….. it's me. lol. Time to funknroll, baby. "It's gonna be a beautiful night." * What a week... wow.
* Sign of the times
Sunday June 14

All day listening party (plus prepping for tomorrow's: JUNE 15!! creative launch of mine) begins with 1978's "For You".
Dang. Album-wise listening to old CASSETTES (where you have to rewind to your songs) — I still only made it up to Graffiti Bridge before time to leave for the show. He's simply a bottomless creative soul. Unreal. Rock on, Prince. And THANK YOU for pursuing your gift. You inspire people you may never meet. I'm one of them.

BUT, my invite to you, Prince, for breakfast still stands. And, contrary to Art Official claim.... "breakast can NOT wait." [smile] You have my number in the purple envelopes...
"Stand up, everybody. This is your life... Wish there were no segregation, no race… No child is bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere."

— 4th album, 2nd song
— 5th album, 4th song


totally forgot how awesome that CD is. And 20TEN, too. Um, I'm just a wee little bit excited about this little musical performance this evening. And my 'flower requests' are prepared. What? Yes, 'plural.'
In the wise words from his Graffiti Bridge album: "there is joy in repetition... "

Okay, heading in. I left my earbuds at home? Seriously? lol. All good.
As you may know I've been collecting flower sketches for over a decade now from people I've been inspired by. I need to check the number, but it's around 200. And clearly PRINCE is at the top of the list of people who have inspired me. So along with my philosophy of 'you never know till you ask or try...' I decided to bring flowers for Prince. Purple of course. Along with three notes requesting a little flower sketch. From the one who has so inspired me.
Prince, that would be so brilliant of you.
I know you are a busy man. But maybe... perhaps... one day as you're doodling out the lyrics or note ideas for a song.... and you happen to make a little flower on your paper.... just tear it off and mail it to me. Then done. That's all that's requested. This is like a garden of people who have inspired me from my 2yr old niece to the official artist at Disney when I worked there drawing "Flower" the skunk from Bambi (upon my request). To an inspiring stranger from whom I also asked for a flower. 
Nothing fancy. But your flower doodle would be SO welcomed.  
So much of my creative has been done with YOUR music in the background. You tap into something. And I feel incredibly grateful to listen and watch the evolution of a truly UNIQUE artist. Keep doing your thing. Love you! And I hope one day, when I pick up my mail, to see a little orange, yellow or blue envelope with your doodle inside. 

Aw, hell. It's ON!!!!! THIS is my seat?? Okay! :)
I'm like 5ft from the stage NO posting once show begins. But LOOK AT THIS FREAKING SEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dude sitting in the seat next to me actually really nice/cool (but as if we're on an airplane) asked if I wanted to switch seats with him. Um — Hell NO. 

One of my favorite concerts of his, e-ver. Best over-priced concert I've been to. AND he apparently played AT the White House last night?? Wow. Wow. And.... just freaking WOW. Sooooooooo glad I went. And the seats were dope.

Wow. Just WOW. GREAT CONCERT!! Serious security for NO cameras, they said "your kids will be fine. Turn your phones off. We want you to 'be here.' I LOVED that. That and 'or you WILL be kicked out.' But last song, Purple Rain... screw it. I'll risk it. Oh and earlier I asked a guard if I could place flowers on the stage for Prince. Guard was big and scary and said "absolutely not." So at Prince's first 'faux ending' (you Prince fans know what I'm talking about!) I flung the flower bouquet - with two letters attached - up on the stage. All three letters were given to Prince!!!! Flower sketch from Prince TK?? Well, if you don't try.......... you'll never know. Right??

Stay tuned. Best money spent. Wow. And just WOW. SO glad I went.

Monday, June 15
The Prince show was off the charts last night.

I haven't danced that much.... like ever. Enjoyed every minute of it. Like a giant family reunion (except everyone had funk AND soul) lol. 'No phones' was brilliant because we were THERE and present. Not trying to be a thousand little mini video producers for your Youtube, FB, etc. blocking the view with glowy screens in this small venue. Felt good and old-school! Right on. Seeing him live is like nothing else. And due to artists getting screwed with spotify, online uploads, pirating, unf that is part of what drives the tix to be so expensive (and these most definitely were)..... but SEEING HIM LIVE? Completely priceless. SO inspired. SO glad I went. ‪#‎noregrets‬. And in HIS [old school] words, now... "Let's Work!" TODAY IS JUNE 15!! I'm back!! Check it out.

Prince, THANK YOU.

"Life is just a party, parties aren't meant to last." So while we are here, on this train, I want to say, THANK YOU. You continue to be an absolute joy to watch. To listen to. To create to. And damn, just so, so grateful for you.

Mille mercis,

A sincere thank you. From one of your biggest fans... Merci.


P 7:1
“Open your heart, open your mind, A train is leaving all day
A wonderful trip through our time, And laughter is all you pay”
(Around the World in a Day)

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