Monday, September 15, 2014

Always Ask Questions

 "Why? why? why? why? why? ...but why?"

We think of little kids as being the ones asking questions. As well they should. Think about it... every single thing is new to them. And we learn through repetition.
Fast forward.

Now we're supposed to be Older. Wiser.


Well, I believe it's inherent, even critical, for us to continue to ask questions. To stay curious.

Some people get groomed to go with the flow. Go along with things. I did not get that memo. I nearly brought my dad to tears one night as he tried to explain an algebra problem to me in high school. I didn't understand the problem, or how he was explaining it (I'm very creative, he's very logical). So I asked again. And again.

Simply put, if I'm curious. I'll ask till I understand.

And because of that, I have this house.

My first house.

Two years ago tonight, after submitting a well-crafted offer on a house in a multiple-offer scenario. I got a call from my realtor, "Wendy, I'm sorry to say you did not get the house." I was actually very calm and not rattled by the news — this despite never having bought a house before. But we had crafted a really good offer. And something seemed 'off.'

Then I repsonded by simply asking my agent:

"Would you mind asking the agent 'why'?"

He said he'd be happy to make the call, but it has never really changed anything before. Still, he did make the call.

A short while later, I received his call back... and their offer. He said the agent's assistant had accidentally mixed up the offers (in the multiple offers they'd received) but once they reviewed and realized our offer was the one that should have been chosen, he told me, "the house is yours." 

Moving in, gutting and re-doing a bathroom, creating a closet out of thin air (with no floor), gardening, painting chairs, power spraying a basement ceiling, knocking out walls? I was curious. I Googled.

Ask questions. Stay curious.

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