Saturday, June 28, 2014

Such a nice way to start people

I have lived in DC now for just shy of a decade. One thing I have noticed when you meet new folks here — neighbors, colleagues, friends' friends — is that one of the first thing they ask is "what to you do." Also over the past decade I've acquired a niece (5), a nephew (2), a niece (2), and as of last night… a brand new nephew who I'm about to go meet for the first time. So he can't quite answer that question just yet.

It's so profound to me that a little human that wasn't here yesterday is now a force to be reckoned with and the only thing they have is the tool kit of the inherited traits of their mom (my little sister) and their dad (just pinned-on as Major in the Air Force the day before said birth).

Little Grant Robert Phelps has a great tool kit and a blank slate of an amazing life ahead.

He's a healthy baby. Mom's okay. He has a big brother Reed (2), and a big loving family. Blessed.

I'm leaving the house in just a little bit and I can't wait to kiss my baby nephew for the first time.

And over the years... see "what he does."

And with this in mind I share one of my ALL TIME favorite cards for welcoming a new baby to this crazy, insane, wonderful, challenging, beautiful world we live in:
"Baby's are such a nice way to start people..."

Welcome baby Grant. Welcome.
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