Friday, May 2, 2014

Venez "m'aider": Come Help Me


Day 2 — #MAYBEiCAN resist hitting the snooze button.
(so there WILL be a visit to Starbucks today... for Ms. 'Friday*.' lol)

With this crazy month-long self-dare of #MAYBEiCAN, my goal is to break the suck of monotony in our lives, to try something new, or stop doing something that's not helpful, almost daring yourself.

And in thinking about "May" I got a little curious and looked up another MAY themed word: "Mayday."

I LOVED this.

I learned this upon my visit to Wikipedia:
Mayday is an emergency procedure-word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. It's believed to be derived from the French expression "venez m'aider", meaning "come help me", the last two syllables of which sound similar to "Mayday".

Derived from a French expression? You know I loved that. 

A week or so ago, and for several days after, creative ideas began to hit me like lasers shooting from a bad homemade B movie. But I believe in respecting those wacky moments. Whether it works or not is not your concern. If you are a creative and this blessing of inspiration comes along... YOU FOLLOW IT.

This first of FIVE posts is to honor the FIFTH month we are now officially in. I'll be blogging/tweeting/FB'ing my #MAYBEiCAN each day. You know, in a sort of "May Day" to jump start change.

What might you do this month?

I hope you will help spread this around. #MAYBEiCAN 

* I am not a fan of the name-thing at Starbucks, so this was my decision: a different name, daily, based on the day of the week. Best was "Tuesday." Even Copper seems unimpressed by the error.
Monday, TUSEDAY, Wednesday...

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