Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Please "may" I...


Day 4 — For as long as my now 5 yr old niece has been able to speak in full sentences, especially to ask for something, she (with her southern-upbringing) has been taught manners in how she speaks. Notable to me was how she asks for something.

I just think it's an endearing twist on what I'm accustomed to hearing.
How I've always phrased it: "May I please _______."
How Z asks the same question, "Please may I  _______."

With all the influence and chatter in our overloaded attention economy* — of what other people are saying or doing (or what they try to pursuade YOU to say or do) — I believe it's good to take a break from that once in a while.

So for 5/4 my #MAYBEiCAN pledge for that day was this:
#MAYbe I Can stay off of social media / blogging / even Pinning! for that day.

It was a nice break.

I couldn't swear off internet completely — I mean am in the middle of demo-ing/building a closet and hanging drywall. I needed instructions. :)

But yes, once in a while, not just in MAY, you're entitled to and you should say: "Please may I take a break"

* I wasn't able to find a link to a current Invesco commercial, but it beautifully illustrates this idea by having a group of chattering, blabbering, talking heads surrounding this man at every single point during his day (breakfast, his shower, the elevator to work). Taking a break from the online social peanut gallery is a good thing.

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