Thursday, May 1, 2014

"MAYbe I Can" Month

[ breadcrumb ]
I hereby declare MAY 2014 to be the first official #MAYBE i CAN month.

Each day during this month you simply act on and complete this phrase:
#MAYBE i CAN ______________________

31 days of fear-, doubt-, and procrastinating-busting loveliness... begins today.
It can be small.
#MAYBE i CAN NOT hit the snooze button and add an extra beautiful hour to my life.
It can be something you've been meaning to do.

#MAYBE i CAN print the photo of me and Grandma and mail it to her.
It can be something that takes you out of your comfort zone.
#MAYBE i CAN sing in public for the first time.
Many of you know my mantra is "stay curious." So I began wondering why if feels so tough to stick to a resolution from New Year's (you know beyond the first week of January), or to stick with a program you signed up for. Or why when we have those lingering wish lists or to-do's which occasionally tug at our hearts we opt to gently tuck them back away, for a little while longer, like sweet little children who just won't go back to bed. 

But then I wondered, if we make a subtle shift of wording from "THIS YEAR I WILL... " or "ONE DAY I WILL..." to instead say this: "TODAY, #MAYBE i CAN."
It becomes almost a dare. And that's exciting! And 'exciting' moves us.

Mine for the first day of MAY is:
#MAYBE i CAN   Post a new blog, and create my first hashtag

One down, thirty to go.

I'm in. Are you?

I believe that ANYthing that can motivate us to try something new, take a chance on ourselves, on our lives, or simply break the monotony of life can have an amazing impact on you and the people around you. Even if it's just one little thing. Once a day. In this merry month of MAY.

Exciting moves us. 

Please pin, repost, or use as your profile pic whichever color speaks to you below. I'd love to share this idea with as many people as possible. Also, here's the official list if you'd rather keep yours private. Bonne chance!

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