Friday, December 14, 2012

A little more kind


We can talk about gun control, but let’s also talk about anger control. Let's talk about being more kind.

How often do you drop an f-bomb when a sports call doesn’t go your way? How often do you refuse to let someone merge into traffic because you were in the lane first? How often do you leave a mess on the table at a restaurant because you received poor service from your waiter? How often do
you call a total stranger an “idiot” because she has a different political belief than you?

Yes, it is time to talk about curbing automatic weapons. But it is also time to take a deep breath. Today’s killer was undoubtedly an angry young man. Next time you act angrily, consider if you are too angry and for the wrong reasons. Let's stop being angry towards others just because we don't know them and because it's easy to get angry at a stranger.

Maybe we can all try a little harder to not piss off the person next to us in traffic, the person filling our order at the drive through, the person on the other end of the phone, and the person we don’t even know.

Let’s not be a little more kind just because of what happened today. Let’s not be a little more kind just because it’s the holidays. Let’s just be a little more kind.


-- Posted 12/14 by my friend, Juliet Jones

And I full-heartedly agree. What was extra sad to me was hearing an anchorman on the nightly news say that 'this won't be the last time a shooting like this happens.' WHAT? WHY IS THIS OKAY? Another post I saw online was very poignant, "I also was ranting that so many pro-life advocates are against gun regulation. Baffling." There IS beauty in this world, as Macy Gray sings, but if this sort of thing keeps happening in the land of the free, or ANYwhere in the world, it's surely going to get harder and harder for folks to SEE that beauty.

My note back to Juliet about her post was this, "
SO well-put. What a screwed up day. You know what I ache for besides the obvious loss of life? I ache for the loss of innocence. At 5 and 6yrs old growing up in Stone Mountain, GA, me and my little friends would take cases of Barbies (with a trail of plastic Barbie shoes behind us I'm sure) down a trail into the woods behind Mrs. Moynihan's house down to the creek. We'd be down there forever. Or... till someone's parent yelled "supper time." I couldn't even DREAM of doing that now. But what a brilliant sense of imagination, exploration, and appreciation of nature that instilled in me. Where do kids get that now? This is just awful."

I hope we can....

Have hope. Move forward. And be a little more kind.

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