Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Given the timing [and title] of this post, you may think this has to do with voting. This does take a moment to highlight something that began four years ago, and I hope there will be four more years—and beyond.

But this is about BONJOURYALL.

Four years ago I created and posted my very first blog+post. Simply because I was so intrigued that the presidential candidate I'd voted for had utilized and created accounts on so many tech/social outlets, that it motivated me to figure it out, too. If the President can do it, I can too.

My first blog post here, four years ago was:
A hope for us all: to be better.
And I still have that hope. Always will.

'Hope' is not relegated to a particular party, social class, or nation. Nobody is better than anyone else. So, yes, regardless of the outcome in this very tight election—I like my hopey-changy. And four years ago, the second post, just sayin', was "moving forward." As for that horrible job market and the housing market? This fall, while I completely know we are not 100% there just yet, we are on our way. And I feel extraordinarily blessed and lucky with a new one of each. But this post is much, much more than highlighting a presidential race, or four fun years of blogging. And in my mind, heart, and creative soul, the importance of this news even surpasses the new house and new job.

I began using the term 'bonjouryall' back in the 20th century... okay, 1999. I was heading off to live in the south of France for a year, and this quirky term combined my southern roots of being raised in Atlanta, and my love of France. And if you've ever received a hand-made greeting card from me, there's a good chance that the back of it looks a little like these. With a "bonjouryall" on it.

In France as you enter a city, the 'welcome' sign indicates its welcome with a red box around it, and the name of the place you are entering in black letters. When you leave, the red box turns into a red slash through the black letters (a bit harsh if you ask me, but it's clear that you are leaving).

Now I'm a creative. Not a lawyer. So after some time passed and I'd been using the logo, had the website, and the term was becoming better-known, I looked into an amazing group up here in DC called WALA for assistance in officially claiming—and registering—this name and mark. I worked on this with them while I continued to freelance, and the process had been nearly a year in the works. I also learned along the way, that you can put a ™ or a © on your work to semi-protect it. But when you officially register it and have the ®, it is yours. Protected.

Now, October has been a ridiculously busy and extraordinarily overwhelming month, but I did recall, in my few remaining brain cells, that the lawyers I'd been working with had indicated we should be wrapped-up in October. So I reached out to them to check in.

I learned that one week ago today, my mark, and the name BONJOURYALL, is now, officially, registered with the federal trademark commission.

It's mine.


So, I enthusiastically 'welcome' you to BONJOURYALL®.


(now stop reading thisand GO VOTE!)

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  1. Grace Cumberbatch11/30/12, 6:18 PM

    Congratulations! Now no one can steal it! Oh and here's my Tumblr.: http://accio-sherly.tumblr.com


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