Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Between the lines, Part 1

[ twenty-six letters ]

So it's been nearly one month living in, and commuting from, my first house. I love this new place. This new sanctuary in which to replenish. It's in the works, but such an inspiration to me already. And this past weekend, I finally got the last room -- my creative space/studio -- all set. This is the room that all of the creative sparking will be done from.

So, yes, all's good in th' hood.

But acclimating to my new commute to DC has been interesting. The new DC Metro station I take has an elevator that feels like your going down to the center of the earth. And while there's all the space in the world there... the parking lot at this new Metro station is another thing all together.

If you can even find a spot.

Someone apparently wanted to shove in as many spaces as possible. And if we all drove small cars like my little VW. And if everyone in DC could actually park. Between the lines. Then perhaps these itty-bitty parking spots wouldn't be an issue. But because we're all rushing to get to work sometimes parking between the lines isn't a big deal to some folks. Until it means you're parking over and into the very last parking space in the lot — which I needed.

Then it gets a little... touchy. Literally.

This happened to me this morning.

But, trusting my own abilities to park, I went for it. I nestled my little car right into the spot. Done. Great. All set, right? Nope.

My concern was the demeanor of the other driver when they returned to their car and there were about two full inches between my car (in the space) and their care (in my space). Would they be mad? Spiteful? Cocky?

DC is the only place I've ever gotten door dings, so as I was trying to get going in to work, I decided to scribble out this note. I tucked it in their door handle of the little old silver car. And I hoped for the best.

Went out after work to a local haunt and Metroed back north. Almost forgot about the whole note thing. But walking up on my car, I checked the passenger side door -- NO DINGS!

Woohooo! Success.

But then. As I was pulling out. I noticed my note was now placed in my windshield.


I couldn't even read it till I got home, I was too nervous at what it might say. Y'all know I'm an optimistic person. And I want to believe in the best in people. So, waited to read the note...

Oh, boy...

[ stay tuned for the response ]

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