Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Praying backwards

[twenty-six letters]

Something is coming up in your life. You're anxious, nervous, stressed. You pray. Someone is ailing. You pray. You have lost direction, a clear path to take. You pray. There's a strained relationship in your life. You pray.

But after that thing has come to pass, what do you do?

You pray.

As I began the new job I'm now working at after five years of a wonderful freelance career, I will finally be moving into my very first house — a coincidently dizzy-ing and VERY fast process. When I came up to DC from working as a creative at Disney, in Florida, my plan was to rent and live in this house for a couple years, get a sense of the neighborhood, then buy my first house.

Um... I moved up here in fall of 2005. Seven years ago.

Recently, I came across one of my all-time favorite, albeit aggravating, pin-quotes:
"Faith in God is also faith in his timing."


Ma première nouvelle maison peu is only a couple miles from my current home. And it is also still in a great proximity to one of my absolute favorite thing up here — Sligo Creek trail. In fact (after so many years of being glued to HGTV and DIY Network) I listed these three quirky things as my personal "must-haves" in a home: charm/brick, outdoor space, and proximity to Sligo Creek. And I got all three. On the first day of looking for homes.

And before I stay in my new house, my amazing friend who is also my pastor will bless the house. The new house has great bones, and is in a good neighborhood, and I know there will be a lot of memories, joyful and sad, gatherings, holidays, and rest, ahead in this new space. I want God with me there.

This is my new sanctuary to come 'home' to. To be inspired in.

Once the thing you have been praying for happens, in whatever time-frame, I also believe its critical and important to pray — with gratitude — for that thing. Yes, afterward. To recognize it's impact on your life. To say 'thank you' for it.

I am so, so, so, so, SO filled with gratitude for this seven-year chapter I'm closing out. And so excited to turn the page to a new chapter.

From taking a risk on myself, on my life, by coming up here in the first place not knowing a single soul here. To now, where this area absolutely, joyfully, feels like "home." From falling in love. To walking away from that relationship that couldn't move forward, and later reconciling as friends. From voting in 2008. To attending a historic inauguration early 2009. From leaving Discovery to beginning an amazing five-year freelance career. To having one of those clients bringing me on board full time — where I now have worked for just over a month. From not knowing a single soul up here when I arrived. To having met so many brilliant, amazing, friends. From both of my little sisters getting married. To now being the VERY proud aunt of two nieces and a nephew. From living in Florida where I had the chance to spontaneously visit my grandparents. To just calling-up my Grandma every couple weeks from here in DC just to chit-chat about nothing — she's 93 and grandaddy is 95. From moving up here, and live in my first house — next door to the most AMAZING neighbors ANYONE could ever ask for, Copper's go-parents and the Dartmouth Dirty Dozen...

...to moving into my very first house. Not very far away.



I'm more grateful than I can express.

La vita è bella.

I feel a bit like Roberto Benigni when he jumped up on the chairs upon winning his Oscar, and, well, kept jumping. In fact, as I just googled his acceptance, I welled-up with tears. Beautiful! That IS what it's about. Being SO filled with joy, with gratitude, with excitement of life that is overtakes you. 

Just be sure to say thank you. 

KEEP CALM AND NOTE THE GRAMMAR: 'backwardS' is the American adverb; 'backward' is the English version. Just like grAy is the 'A'merican; and grEy is the 'E'nglish spelling. Creative liberties... carry on.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

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