Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Why does it take a broken elevator?

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Why does it take a broken elevator? Or an heartless attack on an American city? Or a hurricane? Or a tsunami? Or nuclear meltdown? For us to have more compassion with one another. And boldly act on that compassion. There's a show that breaks these monstrous tragedies down to daily bite-size versions of doing the right thing:
What Would You Do?

You don't have to be Christian or Jewish, speak English or Spanish, have money or not. You have to care and have the audacity to act on it. Period.

When an elevator gets stuck, these 'strangers' who you wouldn't otherwise breathe a word to, may very well save your life. May even become life-long friends. If your home is dissolved by a force of nature, you don't care where the help comes from.

Someone on Facebook today just posted this,

"Knowingly giving ones life to help millions of others reveals the truth of what the human spirit can be... why is it only during times of horrific crisis that we put our differences aside and extend ourselves to each other

Why indeed.
©2011 Wendy Hudgins

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