Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Orange. Purple. Silver.

I just returned from a trip to see my youngest sister in Colorado Springs. Her husband is in the Air Force.

There was a time when my two younger sisters, Susan and Elizabeth (just two years apart), were almost like identical twins. Whatever I'd get or create for one sister, I'd have to get or create the same for the other. Then one day gradually over time each of their very unique personalities shined.

Now, in our family, we three sisters are: a creative, a physical therapist, and a CPA. But that's just one single label on the vast complexity of each of us as a human being.

I've always been an advocate of this quote I have posted in my home:
"Man's main task is
to give birth to himself."

—Erich Fromm
Blending in or standing out. This is the dance of life. And I believe we all teeter between these two polarities at various times throughout our lives. But we should stand out. Be more than a single label on the vast complexity of each of us as a human being.

Two things from this past weekend's trip caught my eye:

First, we went to the Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel. Just as we walked inside I noticed a small camouflage bible for the service men and women. Camo, so that (EVERYthing) would blend in to the surroundings. Would stay safe.

But then my eye was turned upward to the wildly sparkling colorful ceiling of sun-soaked stained glass slivers cutting toward the sky like the contrails of a jet reaching to the heavens. And it was the bright colorful unique ones that were the eye candy. That were such an absolute delight to look at. To photograph. To look at again. I was like a child looking at the gumball machine in the grocery store.

Second, was a little book that I picked up as we were browsing around at Barnes & Noble. In this little trivia book, I learned this: There are no words in the English language that rhyme with orange, purple, or silver.

Not only did those colors stand out in the tall, tall ceilings of the chapel but they can't be matched, there's no synonym or rhyme for them. They are unique.

So, be an orange, purple, or silver.

Be unique. Be unryhmable. Be wildly sparkling.
©2011 Wendy Hudgins


  1. Grace I'M A DIVAAAAAA P!ATD Prince Obsessed Williams9/12/11, 6:15 PM

    I have that down pat!!!


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