Sunday, November 7, 2010

Two years of blogging

November 7th. I've now been blogging for TWO years. And in looking back, I am proud of the core message in my very first, rather spontaneous, blog post... a hope for us all. To be better.

I still believe that.

But you have to be able to separate who was behind this message and realize that HOPE is not a political party's message, it's a critical human message.

This past year, I have been overwhelmingly blessed with an abundance of freelance creative work. To each of my clients, and to those of you who have referred clients to me, I am beyond grateful. Thank you! We have supported eachother. We have survived.

Recently, I proudly added National Geographic to that client roster. Several creative projects
I've worked on for them recently are tied to tonight's airing of "Great Migrations." Doing research for these projects, I watched early video of this show several months ago. This show is beautiful, though sometimes hard to watch, but a brilliant analogy for where our country is now, spoken through the neutrality of nature.

I live in the DC area and this past year, we've attempted to restore honor and sanity. And I am so thrilled that this is airing now. We need this message. The tag line is "Moving as millions. To survive as one." If we can come together, work together and support eachother. I believe we will survive. When we connect and support eachother, this 'life' thing works. It doesn't mean it will be easy. It means it can work.

To push through things in my life, and to share my inspirations and perspectives, I've hashed out this blog with these simple ingredients (click to view):
creative sparks
twenty-six letters
friday photos


Thank you for reading over this past year. For your support,
your comments, and your encouragement. What a year. Bonjour Y'all!

And, yes, two years later, I still believe no matter (or in spite of) our differences...

...there is hope for us all. To be better.
©2010 Wendy Hudgins

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  1. As you said to me on 10/5/10: "Life is a four letter is HOPE." :-)


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