Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Photo: A peek into the garden

C R E A T I V E - S P A R K

One corner of a room full of 100 flowers.
The two paintings that started this whole project are on the bottom row: Katelyn on the left wall, Susan is on the right.

My Bambi "flower" from Ducky is at the bottom right. And a really special one to me is on the far left, from one of my dearest friends Ross Weldon upon learning I was leaving Florida to move to work with Discovery Channel. The flower count to date is: 129 flowers. With limited space, there are 100 flowers here on the walls of my dining room. Every single flower I've received has a little story behind it. And in diversity of the flowers, and my knowing you, the creator of this little mark of inspiration, they are ALL are so beautiful and special to me.

To everyone who has sent one in, thank you.

I've matted and framed each of these myself (my first job in high school was at a frame shop in Tucker, Ga). There are ball point pen doodles of flowers, full-on paintings, and hand-done collages of flowers. To each of you, I so greatly appreciate your time and contribution to this really special and crazy project I came up with. I absolutely LOVE it! What a beautiful, crazy garden we all are.

To those working on your flowers now, and for those that I'll receive next year and years from now, thank you. Keep sending 'em in!

And... I think I'll need a bigger place!
Silver Spring, MD



  1. Wendy - You are such a delightful person, with a warm, beautfitul spirit. You bring me joy. :)

  2. Love you, Lisa! La vie est courte, soyez heureux. :)

  3. Lasso the world, Wendy Hudgins.
    We could use more of your
    cowgirl-artist's tender heartedness.


  4. Love you, Janyce!!

    Perhaps cowboy boots are in order? Miss you, and hope your world is a good one these days. :)

    La vie est courte, soyez heureux. :)

  5. Wendy! Wonderful!!..I keep forgetting...will send one!

  6. J'adore cette poste Wendy! J'ai passé la semaine dernier dans le sud de la France et en Italie et j'ai pensé souvent a toi.

  7. Katelyn! Yours and Susan's started this whole collection... :) Merci, mon ami!!


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