Thursday, November 11, 2010

11/11 Annual flower count

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S

sketches, paintings, and collages of your flowers is the official flower count for 11.11.2010. Merci!

I have already framed and matted 100 of them. It is a really impressive thing to see. But to me, personally, it has a really magical quality about it. Thank you. For sending yours in.

This little idea for a Flower Garden was sparked through a painting exchange with two dear friends, Katelyn and Susan, from my year living in France in 2000. Both of their paintings happened to be of flowers. Et voila...

As we all lived in different parts of the country and the world, I was inspired to begin gathering 'flowers' from other friends as well. The garden began in earnest when I moved to Florida. I believe there were about 10 to start. And today's count of 129 illustrates so beautifully to me, that a small idea, a good idea, can blossom if you keep at it. It has wound up being quite an unexpected life lesson. A beautiful one.

The garden has blossomed into a space full of flowers from friends, family, neighbors and people who have inspired me through my life. When I get a bigger space, the other flowers will go up as well, so keep sending in the flowers! I'll be collecting them all my life. And every year on this day, I'll announce how many flowers I've received to date. Of course you know, next year is 11/11/11...

There were also 6 flowers that were really beautiful, but were not hand done, so instead of being the garden they are in the SDR.

To each of you who has taken the time to sketch a little flower for me, for the garden... je dis milles mercis!

©2010 Wendy Hudgins


  1. OUI! you're over and above your goal of 100. Congrats! Roberto

  2. Thanks, Roberto! I'm just glad I didn't have to relegate you to the Salon de Refusés!


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