Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Deep. Water. Horizon.

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
BP may have been the actual company that tripped up via their sloppy and unsafe practices. Practices that led up to the April 2010 explosion that would claim the lives of 11 people. An explosion that has ruined an otherwise huge, healthy body of water along with the wildlife that call it home, and the people who make a living off of those waters. But in this atrocious environmental disaster, it ostensibly could have happened to any of the oil companies. BP just gets to be the focus of our attention for this go round.

Plus they have a good acronym for comedians. Big Puddle. Bad Publicity. ‘Better Pray.

But do you remember the death of Princess Diana in 1997? While the paparazzi may have lead to her death in the name of snapping a photo, the paparazzi would NOT have been so reckless and money-hungry to GET that photo in the first place if WE weren’t so hungry for the gossipy-tabloids. So, who was to blame for that ‘accident?’

The paparazzi, the tabloids, AND us.

With this current disaster, there is plenty of finger pointing to go around. And I’ll admit I just returned from a 1200+ mile road trip. But if our cities were set up so we didn’t need to drive as much; or car companies were held to a higher standard; or if we didn’t have our current appetite for driving which depends on oil (and in a recession we want it cheaply), perhaps this disaster wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

At the making of this video, we are on day 58 of the leak. And we point the fingers at BP. Their practices led up to this explosion. It IS their problem this time ‘round. A Big Problem. But who else needs to refine things?

The oil companies, the car companies, AND us.

But I’d argue that until the leak is capped, and the oil is cleaned up... we really all just sound as if we are bureaucratic firemen standing outside a burning house. Who CARES how the fire gets put out. Just put the freaking fire out. THEN we’ll settle up on who’s fault it is. Day 58 and accusations are still spewing. Day 58 and oil is still spewing.

Who’s side am I on?

Fair question.

I’m on the side of, “let’s solve this problem and get things back to normal for the Gulf region.”

Who’s side are you on?

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