Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bright copper kettles

C R E A T I V E - S P A R K
When you were a kid, what were your favorite cartoons? What was your favorite toy? What was your favorite afternoon snack? What was your favorite movie?

I love the author, Barbara Sher, and there's an exercise in one of her books that asks you to go back and answer these and other questions. They shine a light on and tap into a core direction that your soul, your life, your 'self' longs for. Or gravitates to. Or is skilled at. Listen to that. Tap back into that. Mine were: coloring, teaching, imagination, and performing.

For a more light-hearted and fun spin on those questions...

I've also read that when you fix that favorite snack of yours, or watch that favorite movie, there's a mental 'time travel' that happens. You can feel swept off to a carefree time of being a kid. If even just for the duration of the
Sound of Music, a Bugs Bunny cartoon, peanut butter crackers and chocolate milk, or The Fox and the Hound. In fact, my dog's name, Copper, comes that movie.

And he is one of my favorite things.

©2010 Wendy Hudgins
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  1. I haven't read your posts lately - haven't been on blogs lately either. So this morning I decided to take the time - amazing - right there in your blog - a break crumb. I've been having a particularly difficult week for many reasons. Yesterday I actually had a bit of a cry over where is my happy place? Feeling bogged down makes you forget if you have one or how to get there. So last night, I actually watched Sound of Music, as it was my moms favorite and I was missing her yesterday (that was another bread crumb, missing her and then her favorite movie came on). I curled up on the couch and watched it alone. I felt much better afterwards. As a kid, I loved Shirley Temple movies, Dagwood and Blondie (I'm a huge fan of B&W TV and Movies - even as a young child), Star Trek, Lost in Space, Batman (Adam West), Peanut Butter on white bread, sprinkles and chocolate sauce on ice cream, tator tots, being at my grandmothers farm house, reeses peanut butter cups...oh the list is long now that I'm thinking about it. Thanks for making me remember where some of my happy places are - I'm not feeling so lost this morning. One of the things I did this summer is introduce the boys to my B&W favorites (thanks to ebay purchases). They found it fascinating - Lone Ranger, original Superman movies, Shirley Temple,Little Rascals...some old cartoons - betty boop, mighty mouse, etc. It was fun and the boys were totally into it! Thanks Wendy!

  2. I forgot to mention, that my little Dylan is named after one of my all time favorites - Dylan McKay on Bevery Hill 90210! I use to watch it every week with my dearest friend and roommate, Erin. We watched it for years together. I still can watch hours of that show. It was just good times with great friends. I use to joke to my husband, Brett, that I would name the twins - Luke and Perry or Dylan and use to make him CRAZY that I might actually do that. I wasn't totally serious - but Dylan it was. Turns out that Connor is also named for a favorite character. My sister and I use to LOVE the movie Terminator. One of our all time favorites. She suggested the name Connor....for Sarah Connor - she loved the way Arnold use to say it! We didn't have a name for Connor but when my sister said the name and her reason, I knew it was the pefect name for him. It was perfect, we each named one. Then she used my chosen girls name (who was I kidding...have a girl?) for her daughter (she was pregnant at the same time i was pregnant with the twins). Funny how those things happen. I think today will be a great day! Thanks.


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