Saturday, April 24, 2010

365 day journey

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
I am really, really grateful for a simple encounter at a little, local coffee shop back in 2008. And for a whack on the head that I got one year ago... today. With yellow tulips. Funny the turns that life takes. The surprises it has in store. If this lasts one more day or till I'm 95, ce n'est pas important. I am blessed and very, very lucky. Already. But most of all grateful. Marc Broussard has a song, and apparently yes, there is 'hope for me yet.' Scrap your script of life. Go with your gut. Let things happen. Feel the fear and, yes, do it anyway. Let go. Hang on. Listen. Follow. Ask for strength. Patience. Allow yourself to be guided. Keep your eyes open. Go for it. And be grateful for this moment, however it unfurls, this moment is your life. Make it a bon 'journey'. So, yes, jump. And if you break your leg? Well, don't jump like that again. But what if. One time. You jump. And you fly? What if.
'21'... To the one who lights up my life. Who took a chance on me. Who calms me down. Lifts me up. And makes me laugh. Really hard. You are amazing. I'm so glad you are in my life. I'm ylp and very lucky.
©2010 Wendy Hudgins

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  1. Wendy, I love the way you write and it so expresses how I feel so often. You are so wonderful and amazing and I tear up just thinking how you have found someone that makes you feel that happy! I love the last few sentences - it really does put life in perspective. Its been such a challenging year or so, that many times, I though the challenges were going to devour me and just spit out the bones (if I was so lucky). But I have weathered alot, when I didn't think I could, now I have and I'm feeling confident and empowered. I miss being at church so much and seeing everyone but right now, Sundays have been my day of much needed rest after dealing with other family obligations. Though it makes me sad, I know it won't be forever and I'll be back in the groove again. This kickboxing class I'm taking is a HUGE step for me. Now I know why it builds confidence because it is scary as heck to walk in as a newbie with all these powerful people. Not to mention being so out of shape and overweight. But after only going 3 times, I'm feeling like I can do this. I don't feel like I'm in an exercise class but that I'm really accomplishing a feat (rather a miracle in my case LOL). I had to workout with the owner last night Master Lee. Now THAT was intimidating!! But he was wonderful and I felt amazing when I got home that I survived it. I'm feeling it a bit today but will be ready to go on Monday! I haven't blogged much lately but want to get back in the swing. But I wanted to say thank you for continuing to blog and write your wisdome and inspirations to keep others like myself encouraged and pushing forward! You;re the Best! By the way, I still owe you a get together...May 19th and 20th I'm off work and kids are in school...mornning coffee or tea - something early? Let me know!


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