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Obstacles and fresh starts

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"What a day" | JANUARY 20, 2009

This country's mindset was quite a bit lighter last year.

And while most of us are smart enough, including the soon-to-be President last year, to know that change requires more than pixie dust, a pretty website, and a smile, this new President was about to inherit the biggest mess in my lifetime as the new President.

Nevermind the obstacle of first black president. It sure will be nice once we can get past calling out stuff like that. When it becomes a non-issue of the person being black, female, hispanic, youngest, oldest, asian, from this place, or that place, etc. If they can do the job... let 'em in!

But back to this mess our country is in...
And I should warn, I'm a little heated on this issue.

It makes me think of Tom and Jerry when Jerry trashes the house and Tom gets blamed for it. If McCain had been our president, we would likely still be in just as much of a mess. This inherited-mess is bigger than any one person or current President (McCain OR Obama) can fix quickly, because a lot of this 'mess' was a house-warming gift from the former administration. But, while the creators of the mess have disappeared from the public eye, it would unfairly be the person left standing in that White House (again, McCain OR Obama), who would inevitably catch the brunt and blame. Nice.

So is it too late? Can this be fixed? Can we be fixed? Yes.

Is Obama the Messiah? Is he perfect? Are all his ideas great? No way. If this 'national mess' that we seem to be in, is going to be around for a while, then instead of Dem's and Republicans bitching and moaning about how wrong everything is... what if we all just shut-up and got to work fixing it!

I love constructive criticism. It helps you grow. Become more effective. But whining? Or complaining with no solution? Or fanning the fires with empty, antagonizing, instigating words? Or having an already solidified, baseless, 'doomsday' mindset... is intolerable to me.

I'm tired of hearing the left complain about FOX. I'm tired of the right complaining about 'mainstream media.' If we could shut up and look at the obstacle in front of us as a chance to think, innovate, and come together and problem-solve. Then we could roll back the old, tired, polarizing ways of how we relate with eachother and actually get to work on a solution. A fresh start.

And this is not a black or white issue.

I'm not referring to race. This may be shocking to some Americans... THERE IS A MIDDLE GROUND. In my own family, I've heard the comment "well, that's your President." Really?? Must we even be this divisive in one household?????

Um, it IS actually possible... (again, potentially a shock to most my-way-or-the-highway-Americans) that the other person could be right. Or the other person could even help make your idea better. Compromise. Is. Okay. Is this really 'healthcare' or 'no healthcare'? LISTEN TO OURSELVES????!!!!! What happened to us?? This is embarrassing.

I work as a freelance Art Director and love what I do, I love my clients, and I love the challenge, but healthcare for independently employed folks is terrible.

So, no, I don't think Obama has all the right answers or that all of his decisions have been perfect. There have been missteps and missed opportunities. Massachusetts.

But if someone looked at your life, have you had all the right answers? Made all the right choices? Have all of your decisions been perfect? I'd venture to say your answer is 'no.'

Mine sure is. And that's okay.

Perfection is not the goal. We just need to keep eachother honest and accountable. I'm pleased with the election results in Massachusetts last night. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm pleased with the election results last night. Not because I agree with the outcome (vehemently do NOT) but because voters are speaking. And when a candidate sits on her butt and takes her support for granted. You cannot be surprised at the outcome. I was originally a Hillary supporter and she did the same thing.

As a freelance creative, I'm grateful for each and every job I work on and each client I connect with. Thanksgiving is a time that I take to show that. In these times (well, truly, at ANY time), NOTHING should be taken for granted!

From the election results, we are reminded of this. Speak up. Do the right thing. Don't wait. And remember that whoever speaks up (or votes) the most, wins. People are frustrated. I'M (clearly) FRUSTRATED.

So if you don't like what you're seeing... GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING!

Sofa-bickering will help no one. And firing off ridiculous baseless comments with the sole intent of riling people up is such an energy suck. Not just politically-speaking. But Mr. Robertson's recent nonsensical bullshit about the earthquake being God's revenge on abortions. What's happening to our country? I think God's gonna have a word or two with him at the pearly gates on what a screwed-up PR person he is for Christianity. Don't even get me started on this one. But using a religious reference, it's like we're becoming the Babble at Babel. No one is listening to eachother. We are going to crumble down and self-destruct. If we keep this up.

Like the bumper stickers' forecast... united we stand, divided, we will fall.

My faith has sustained and inspired me through so much, and in the Christian faith, the belief is that we are all (Mr. Robertson) children of God. Martin Luther King Jr. preached tolerance, acceptance and equal rights. So sadly ironic that all this is coming to a head at this one-year anniversary. Again, I have to repost the words from another charged and chaotic situation... can't we all just get along?

So, if you expect perfection from others, how are you doing in your own life?

I'll close by saying that when we start something, try to do it well.

But if you fail, keep at it.

Obstacles are part of the game. Part of life. Like football playoffs, if you lose one, there's another game. If your critics hound you, go back to your initial inspiration, your initial game plan, Mr. Obama... and follow it. Listen to your heart, your constructive critics, to your faith. And dust off your feet, stand up, and go at it. Again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Whatever it takes. But don't give up and don't cave in.

It's getting closer to spring, a time for fresh starts. There will always be obstacles. But don't give up on your idea, your dream, your visions. Fight for them. Have a spine about them. Speak up for them. Defend them. Then imagine if you pursued them.
©2010 Wendy Hudgins


  1. Babble at Babel... how true.

  2. Thank you for that Wendy.

  3. Cat & Katelyn... my two creative sages.

    Thank YOU!


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