Friday, December 25, 2009

Friday Photo

A - C R E A T I V E - S P A R K

Merry Christmas, y'all!
First Christmas for my niece, Zoe. Atlanta, GA.

2009 Wendy Hudgins

Monday, December 14, 2009

The best Christmas ornament

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S

Christmas priorites.
This hangs on my tree every year. Not a bad reminder.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Beautiful, loved, and blessed

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Wake up.

You’re beautiful, loved and blessed.

When you found me I was just a piece of clay, I was formless... With the breath of life I now live abundantly. All I needed was the potter’s hand... But too much power, can sometimes turn to shame. Too much desire, can sometimes makes you feel the same. But forgiveness is how you win the game. I begged for truth, now I know the truth, and that is when you came and said I was, “Beautiful, loved and blessed.” I’m better than the day before, ‘cause you made me confess that I am beautiful, loved and blessed. When you’re free, you’re really free indeed. All you gotta do is just plant the seed.

A constant battle to stay ahead of the game.
Is anybody famous when everybody wants fame? Always trying to break you down, thinkin’ that’ll raise ‘em up. I just wanna be happy. Come take this bitter cup from me.

If I were ever, to write down my life story, I could truly say through all the fame and glory, that I was just a piece of clay in need of the potter’s hand, cause when you whispered in my ear, the words I so now understand, “Beautiful, loved and blessed.” I’m better than the day before, ‘cause you made me confess that I am beautiful, loved and blessed. When you’re free, you’re really free indeed. All you gotta do is just plant the seed.

Everything you made you said, “That’s good.” Before the fall of man you said, “That’s good.” Everytime I walk in faith, you let me see another day. Before the earth was made you said, “I will lead the way, and you’ll go far.” Knowledge and understanding, understanding is good. And when I wake up in the morning, all I hear in my hood is people saying that they’re, “Beautiful, loved and blessed.” When you rescue me from the darkness, our hearts just must confess. Beautiful, loved and blessed. When you’re free, you’re free indeed, all you gotta do is just plant the seed.

Hey, hey, hey, wake up it’s a new day. Hey, hey, hey, wave your hands in the air and say, “Beautiful, loved and blessed.” You rescued me from the darkness in the wilderness. No matter what the challenge, I always pass the test.

That’s what I am, beautiful. I don’t mean to put nobody down, still I must confess that I am...Beautiful, that’s what I am. When you wanna give up, don’t cause you know you always got a friend.

PRINCE, lyrics to "Beautiful, Loved, and Blessed"
2009 Wendy Hudgins

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tell the world your dream

A - C R E A T I V E - S P A R K
By now, it shouldn't come as any surprise that I'm a huge and longtime fan of Prince. You also know my sentiments about life from reading these blog posts. So, this morning, while browsing online, I got to thinking about one of the things on my 'list.' Yup. Back in 1994, living up in Chicago, I made my "Ten Things I want to Do Before I Die" list.

Well, it dawned on me that unless I propose this "thing" how can it possibly happen? So, I know it's no guarantee, but, Prince, if you clicked over here to read this entry. Having breakfast with you is one of the things I'd like to do before I exit stage left from 'Planet Earth.'

This was my invite on 'his' FB page:

"PRINCE... Salut! Is this [really] your page? If you have a dream and don't express it, it can't come true. If you express it, the universe is now aware, and can help to support it. Mine? My longtime wish... to simply have breakfast with you. Yup. That's it. Just breakfast. Then head back to life. You in? Starfish+coffee. ** "

What dream of yours (no matter what it is) do you need to tell the world about? Well, quit reading this and go do it!
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Photo

A - C R E A T I V E - S P A R K

Sunrise on the Maryland Shore, Assateague Island
It's a new day, a new year, and 39 feels just fine.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Follow it

A - C R E A T I V E - S P A R K
Wherever it may lead you,
follow your muse.

©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Will you draw a flower?

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Everything sounds better in french, so I'll let you look this one up:
le jardin de mes amis.

This idea began at the end of a year living in France when I did a painting exchange with two friends, one now in LA, the other Santa Fe. It later occurred to me the paintings were were both of flowers, and
I love flowers. Then I imagined a space filled with these 'flowers'.
A 'garden' of them created by people who have inspired me: friends, family, neighbors, colleagues. I have over thirty flowers already.
Some are just doodles, others are detailed paintings. I will continue to collect these for years to come, from the folks who come into my life. So, for those of you who have already sent me your flower, merci bien! And for those who have not yet done one...

Will you draw, paint, or sketch a FLOWER and send it to me?
Use an index card, post-it note, or large canvas. A crayon, ballpoint pen, or fine paintbrush. W
hatever you feel inclined to use. Just keep it simple. Easy. Un-fussy. Be creative. Or not. Just as long as you created it. Handmade is best, so no photos/digital. And a circle with a line below it qualifies as a flower.
TWO REQUIREMENTS: It's a flower. You created it by hand.
Email me and I'll send you my address.

If you are thinking, "this entry must be for someone else." Nope. It's for you. I believe that each person that comes into our lives, has an impact on it. And I would love to add your flower to the garden ...yes, you.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pawley's Island Pie

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S

SO THIS IS "The Pie"
For summer vacations as I was growing up, my family always rented a house on the quiet beaches of Pawley's Island, SC. On one trip, back in the '80's, mom picked up a recipe book from a local store. She tried out this recipe. It's now a critical part of our holidays. Just bake it once. I dare you. Oh, and it's really quite healthy too. Ha! Let it cool to room temperature for several hours before diving in, then... enjoy!
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Friday, December 4, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jesus. Mary. Joseph. And assumption.

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
St. Michael's Catholic Church is up the street from my home. In 2005 when I moved to Silver Spring from Florida I thought it was odd that this church had a statue of the holy family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, encased behind what seemed to be bullet proof glass. Sheesh! Where have I just moved to? Was the crime really this bad here that even a stone statue of Jesus isn't safe? Yikes.

I was walking distance from Discovery Channel's headquarters here in Silver Spring where I was working as an Art Director, and for the first year or so I would walk past this statue. It would always tickle my curiosity when I'd pass. "Why was it covered?" I kept wondering. Then after a while, as with scenery we see every day, it became background noise and I really didn't notice it anymore.

Then one day the protective cover was removed. It almost glowed. It also suddenly seemed so... oh, I don't know, 'exposed.' Then after rethinking my original assumption, I realized they had merely been cleaning and restoring the statue. And it just took some time.

Life can dish some messy stuff at times. We can feel gunked-up over time. Time passes too quickly. Then suddenly we realize we need to get back to, or restore, the original us. Tap back into our soul, and what makes us us.

I've been in a bit of transition myself, over the past year or so, and I feel stronger, brighter, more vibrant now because of it (I wonder if that's how the statue felt).

When you work to restore the real you, that's when the magic of life really happens.

There is only one you. There is something unique that you have. That. Is. Needed. In. This. World. You must stay tapped into that uniqueness. If life takes a toll and buries that — it is your responsibility to find it again. Don't let you, your family, your stresses, your friends, your work, or anything else pull that away from you.

Do you to need a restoration of yourself?

Need to tap back into those cool ambitions that are pestering you? Those things your soul longs for? The things you know in the core of your very being that you need to do? Writing that book? Opening that cafe? Selling those baked goods? Going back on a dive trip? Making that jewelry? Trying out for that part? Starting that volunteer program? Beginning a blog?

Do it. We need you. The real you.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Words in my home [No. 5]

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Most people don't know that there are angels whose only job is to make sure you don't get too comfortable, and fall asleep, and miss your life.
The work of whimsical artist Bryan Andreas and his 'Angels of Mercy'. I picked this one up in Galena, IL back when I lived in Chicago. It now hangs by my front door.
I LOVE it. Besides, as we head into the final month of this year, how'd you do with your resolutions? 'Accomplish your goals? Hey, there's still 31 days. Get to it! I'm your angel. And I'm tellin' ya — GET OFF YOUR BUTT, STAY AWAKE, this ain't no dress rehearsal sweety.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins
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