Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Jesus. Mary. Joseph. And assumption.

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
St. Michael's Catholic Church is up the street from my home. In 2005 when I moved to Silver Spring from Florida I thought it was odd that this church had a statue of the holy family, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, encased behind what seemed to be bullet proof glass. Sheesh! Where have I just moved to? Was the crime really this bad here that even a stone statue of Jesus isn't safe? Yikes.

I was walking distance from Discovery Channel's headquarters here in Silver Spring where I was working as an Art Director, and for the first year or so I would walk past this statue. It would always tickle my curiosity when I'd pass. "Why was it covered?" I kept wondering. Then after a while, as with scenery we see every day, it became background noise and I really didn't notice it anymore.

Then one day the protective cover was removed. It almost glowed. It also suddenly seemed so... oh, I don't know, 'exposed.' Then after rethinking my original assumption, I realized they had merely been cleaning and restoring the statue. And it just took some time.

Life can dish some messy stuff at times. We can feel gunked-up over time. Time passes too quickly. Then suddenly we realize we need to get back to, or restore, the original us. Tap back into our soul, and what makes us us.

I've been in a bit of transition myself, over the past year or so, and I feel stronger, brighter, more vibrant now because of it (I wonder if that's how the statue felt).

When you work to restore the real you, that's when the magic of life really happens.

There is only one you. There is something unique that you have. That. Is. Needed. In. This. World. You must stay tapped into that uniqueness. If life takes a toll and buries that — it is your responsibility to find it again. Don't let you, your family, your stresses, your friends, your work, or anything else pull that away from you.

Do you to need a restoration of yourself?

Need to tap back into those cool ambitions that are pestering you? Those things your soul longs for? The things you know in the core of your very being that you need to do? Writing that book? Opening that cafe? Selling those baked goods? Going back on a dive trip? Making that jewelry? Trying out for that part? Starting that volunteer program? Beginning a blog?

Do it. We need you. The real you.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins


  1. Your blog entry couldn't be true-er (sp??) then where I am in my life right now. Having NOT worked for the last 8 years - just being a mom and working my butt off (except it isn't any smaller and seems bigger to me??). I will print your posting and read it over to myself each day for a while to help me back on track. There have been a few things lately that have popped up that are right up my alley in the creative sense...I'll just have to pray that they work out. AND that they don't interfere with me being just mom and "do-it-all" because the despite all those other things I use to do, a big part of me is being room parent, school volunteer, present at every school activity and field trip and just a constant source in my boys life. Whew - so its hard to juggle "ME" and "MOM" and finding all the right portions and feeling like you did both right. But I think in the end, it shows my kids, that you can do it all if you put the energy forth and have determination. God makes all things possible. Thanks for your amazing post. I haven't blogged for a while - kinda in a writing slump so i was overjoyed to read your post this morning!

  2. Becky, you have to keep me posted on your creative endeavors. Just bite off a little bit at a time. You have a FULL schedule now (and your working-butt-off comment cracked me UP!) But keep steadily walking in that direction. Because, while being a mom is HUGE, and the other things that have you so busy are VERY important AND they all set a good example for your boys... you know what else sets a good example?


    Because that says to THEM...
    that "they should [and can] pursue THEIR dreams, too."

    Do it. ; )


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