Monday, July 20, 2009

New grass. Old lot.

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
I saw it on last night as I drove by Fenton and Bonifant for an errand. This blog entry. What used to be an old rickety building on an old lot is now freshly-mowed green grass.

I also saw it in 2007 in the lower 9th ward. From Katrina. Concrete foundations that used to be someone's home. People who had never known that area wouldn't know what was used to be there. Now just a concrete slab and weeds. But the owners knew. The neighbors knew the history behind that old lot.

History isn't meant to be forgotten, but in order to move forward, sometimes we must start fresh. Even nature does this.

As we navigate new waters in our lives we need to be reminded that even at a slow pace we each possess the capacity to change.

It may take time for fresh grass to grow over old habits or memories. But it is NOT destined that we repeat things in our past. We know the patterns from our past. So repetition of them is easy. But if we want 'better,' we must do 'different.' Think 'different.' Allow new possibilities to grow and develop. And trust that the seeds we lay down, the new efforts we make, will blossom and flourish in time.

We need to try to see the something not as the old [insert old identity here], but envision what it's future might be. Then let it grow.

The past has valuable lessons and memories for us. But when some of those lessons or memories don't work, or you don't wish to repeat them... it's time to lay some new grass on that old lot.

Move forward and think fresh.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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