Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lux in tenebris

A - B R E A D C R U M B
So after yesterday's 'confessions of a blogger on hiatus,' I met with someone to review the contents of a Souvenir Program I'll be designing. It's for an upcoming black tie event at our church, The 1st Annual Fundraising Concert by the University of Liberia Alumni Chorus.

Things like this (announcements) normally don't make their way into my blog, but with Tuesday's breadcrumb of my '11:11' entry on Bastille Day, then yesterday's creative spark, 'Tiniest bit of light in the darkness.' This one simply could not go unmentioned in its breadcrumb quality...

The motto for the university is Lux in Tenebris
Translation: there is light in the darkness

When I told her of my entry title from yesterday and the coincidence of it also being the their motto, she simply smiled with a calm, confident wisdom, and said, "well, that must mean you are on the right path."

These people flitter in and out of our lives. We need them. And someone needs us. I recently heard a great thought, "sometimes we don't know if God is using others to work on us, or if God is using us to work on others." That's not our concern. Our concern is to keep our eyes open. Remain hopeful. Reach out. And keep going.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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