Thursday, June 11, 2009

People need to funnel better

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
I wasn't planning on blogging today, but have heard from many of you about the shared disgust at the Holocaust shooting here in D.C.

In my email today to a friend near Chicago, here was my take on it:

Yes, I actually learned of the shooting this morning. Seriously, folks, I'm not even saying don't have the twisted feelings you have (even though I think HATE is so useless and such an energy-sucker), this IS America, you are entitled to feel what you want. But go paint, sculpt, write a book a movie or a poem, compose music. DO NOT take someone else's life. Period.


Seriously, think of some of the greatest, even most controversial and movement-starting creations, or songs, they were BORN out of strong passions, intense (even unfair) conflict...

It's a shame that people can't funnel [their energies] better.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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