Thursday, June 18, 2009

If it's not yours

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Wow. Just volunteered at SilverDocs Film Festival at the AFI here in Silver Spring. Missed out on the film CONVENTION as it was sold out. But noticed I can't see a slew of the other films either... they are too heart-wrenching. One that turned my stomach was called, MINE. It's about a family who left to escape Katrina. Their dog was left behind, but did survive (this is where I would have to leave if I saw this film). You see, there was a family who rescued that dog from the hurricane... which while admirable at that level, is disgusting to me when you learn that the family does not relinquish the dog back to its original owners (who've already been displaced, lost their house, etc. etc).

Are my rules of life too simple?

If it's not yours. Don't take it. And better yet, try to give it back.

We can't take ANY of this with us when we 'go'... so why this need to possess? It's tempting to get clingy with things, embellish their faux importance. But its a much better exercise to trust. Trust that the things we truly need in our lives will be there. They will be provided. Even in tragedy, when things get taken away.

Then with people...

Look at the people you cherish in your life. Family, friends... and other connections. The relationships that reach the inner core of who you are. That lift you. Chances are that you didn't have much say in them stumbling into your life. Or you into theirs, for that matter. But if they're meant to be there, if they're meant to stay there... they will. Don't question. Don't compare. Don't over-analyze.

The things and the people we truly need in our lives will be there.
Have a little faith. And a little trust.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins


  1. He who dies with the most toys still dies -

  2. Yes! Well put.

    And which Susan is this? ; )

  3. W. :-) You can click on "susan" and it goes to my blog -

  4. Can't understand why a person would not give back a pet or anything that belonged to someone else that you are now "supposedly" helping in their time of need. Haven't Katrina victims suffered enough from the storm and at the hands of our government (or rather the lack of help from them). But to care for their pet and not return it - what kind of people are they?! That just upsets me so whenever I read about it.


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