Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breadcrumb about a breadcrumb in a breadcrumb

How did "I" not see this before??

I have just completed the design of a website for a client: They found me through someone I used to work with at Discovery Channel, and they needed a simple website. I needed the experience. Breadcrumb. Done and done.

But for this sassy southern freelance Art Director fluent in InDesign, this whole 'converting over to web design' is not as simple as you might think. I definitely have an aesthetic intuition and marketing savvy about web design, which gave me the confidence to take on the project in the first place. But there is a lot of technical 'junk' that I still am trying to wrap my head around. Think, teaching yourself Algebra. Ugh. BUT THAT (or ANY other obstacle) MUST NOT KEEP YOU FROM JUMPING INTO THE DEEP END. THE WATER WILL BE COLD. BUT YOU WILL ALSO ACCLIMATE. YOU WILL ADAPT.

Have have. I did.

Separately, this past Monday I met for our very casual "Mondays at Mayorga" with some folks from my church, Woodside United Methodist Church in Silver Spring. One of the things that was brought up was, how do we get through those things/times in our lives that we don't think, or know if, we can handle? Or when there is too much on our plates. How do we do it?

Someone's comment was, "it will ALWAYS be this way." When we have just a little more than we can handle, two things happen: We grow. And we lean on and trust in God.

And in my book, those are both good things!

So, in this ongoing modus operandi of my life right now of seeking out breadcrumbs, leaning on my faith, and upholding my crazy optimistic outlook on life...

how could I be surprised

that the headline

of the PRESS article

on the first website I designed...

references the very characters in that original story, Hansel & Gretel.

Beautiful... and, 'of course.'

Life does reward us when we risk. And little breadcrumbs in projects like this web one, are like the water stops along a marathon. Reminders that 'you can do it.' 'Cause ya know what? YOU CAN.

So [in the voice of Bill Engvall], "Here's yer 'breadcrumb!' "

I'm so very grateful to those of you who have sent freelance clients my way, please keep 'em coming!

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