Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our shell

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Preserving the essence of 'us' amidst the inevitability of change and transformation.
9/9/06 — JOINED WEIGHT WATCHERS set a target (or goal) weight
4/26/07 — REACHED THAT GOAL (losing nearly twenty pounds)
4/26/09 — WEIGHED IN TODAY (2-year anniversary)
I believe we are 'us' no matter our exterior. We don't lose 'us' if we become emaciated or obese or if we have all of our limbs and abilities, or not. If we show youth or aging. We are still 'us' at the core.

I do believe that we are a BETTER, MORE ALERT, MORE 'PRESENT' version of 'us' when we exercise, breathe fresh air, have a glass of wine, eat balanced food (fuel), hydrate with good ole H20, and basically respect and take care of these vehicles, our 'bodies,' that our souls get to travel around in during our time on this crazy planet.

For two years I've maintained a goal weight I set, though I'll fess-up, there've been a few ups and downs recently (fortunately, they give you a 2lb grace above your goal). Today, on my 2yr anniversary, I weighed in and was just a little above my goal. Which, to be honest, is NOT what I had hoped to report in this entry. But, I believe we learn best when we are honest with ourselves and hold ourselves accountable. I paid the small fee and will simply intensify my focus over this next month.

We're human. This is life. Stuff happens.

L-i-f-e -is a four letter word after all. We get thrown unexpected curve balls. There are quick-fix consolations that may alter our exterior, but with my ongoing focus through these weigh-ins, there's a constant reminder for me... that it takes effort. It takes time. It takes focus and perseverance. We may stumble. But we must get up and look forward. Stay honest with ourselves. But not 'lose' our self, even with whatever is happening with these bodies of ours. They're only shells.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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