Saturday, April 4, 2009

Golden Seams

Friday, I went into DC with a friend to see a very tiny exhibit called Golden Seams. How wonderfully connected the human struggle is, that a Japanese craft from hundreds of years ago could be such a palpable and relevant lesson for Americans in 2009.

Inevitably ceramic bowls are breakable. Years ago in Japan, when bowls were broken they would be repaired using a simple plant resin as an adhesive. Then someone had the idea to sprinkle these repaired cracks with powdered gold. Soon, this technique was being saught out. People even began to purposely break their bowls in order to send them off for these seams of gold.

We strive for perfection with our lives, our looks, our careers, our creations. Then things can come into our lives that seemingly turn everything upside down. Maybe even break us, if you will. But I believe these moments can hold the very glue that make our lives make sense and have purpose. Cohesion.

It's never been about WHAT happens in our life. It's what we DO with what happens in our lives.

Especially now.
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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