Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Michael Jordan, Y2K, hurricanes, and the 44th

B R E A D C R U M B S -
If someone asks where I'm from, I respond, 'how much time do you have,' and adjust accordingly. Originally from Atlanta (Stone Mountain), I went to a 2-year college in the beautiful north Georgia mountains, then:
CHICAGO — The Bulls had their winning streak as NBA champions during my 10 years living in the Windy City. I learned the game of basketball.
— Thinking the world, or at least our computers, were going to implode, we partied away 1999 (my nod to Prince) where I lived for a year in Provence.
— The 'happiest place on earth,' and the center of the state of Florida, is not supposed to get hurricanes. In 2004 we got THREE!
— Well, I believe you know what's happening here...

Living alongside these [large] breadcrumbs, I wonder what's next?
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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