Tuesday, January 6, 2009


B R E A D C R U M B S - & - A - C R E A T I V E - S P A R K
You already know of 'breadcrumbs.' Now, another term I'm not only using, but doing a lot of lately is what I'm calling 'google-stumbling.' You hop online searching for one thing, something else catches your attention, then 5 websites later...
USAGE: I was searching for _________ and google-stumbled across _________
tend to occur more often in cultures that are changing rapidly and also in situations where there is easy and fast propagation of information (WIKIPEDIA). The word 'google' is one of these words. Hmmmmm. Then I 'google-stumbled' on 'neologisms'...
©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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  1. Okay, just 'stumbled' across the fact that Canadian Geoff Smith in May of 2007 had developed this... oh, well. : )



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