Monday, January 12, 2009

Final prep for the 20th

T W E N T Y - S I X - L E T T E R S
Sunday I made one final trek to see preparations for the events to take place just a week from tomorrow. As folks could be leaving their homes around 4-5am and the actual Inauguration isn't over till 12:30, there ARE some practical things to consider (eh-hem).

You'll understand the beauty of THIS pic, if you decide to go to the Mall on the 20th!

Construction progress. Just after the Sunday morning run-through of the event.

The view I'd LIKE to have. Ha! This is my cold weather gear... I'll wave to y'all on CNN!
This is where the first family will be seated for the parade (White House is behind it)
PHOTOS ©2009 Wendy Hudgins

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